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10 Easy Home Security Checks you can do today!


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Keeping your home and your loved ones safe inside is something we all relate to. But although burglary statistics have been on the decline since March 2003 in England and Wales there were still a whopping 356,017 reported burglaries during the month of March 2020 alone. Here are ten easy and simple tips you can implement in your home to boost your security!


1.     Upgrade your Locks

The first thing you should always do when moving into a new home or upgrading your property security is to change your locks. More often than not, burglars will attempt to break into your home through the front door by picking or snapping your lock, rendering it useless.

Upgrade to insurance compliant anti-snap locks to prevent this. Anti-snap locks are designed with a purpose-built weak point that if tampered with will snap at this location rather than the inner mechanism. You will be required to still replace the lock but it means the burglar cannot access the inner mechanism and enter your home.

NGCL Recommends: Ensure you look for a new lock that has the British Standard kitemark engraved onto it. These locks have been tested to the highest standards and are approved by insurance companies.


2.     Don’t hide a Spare Key Outside!

We know, it’s tempting to leave a key hidden outside for an emergency but not only do you give burglars full and easy access to your home, you’ll also invalidate your insurance.

No matter how ingenious you think your hiding spot may be, you can bet a burglar will find it. They will have seen those rocks with a hidden key compartment before now and are clued up to the regular hiding spots, you never know the burglar may have even been watching your home and have seen you hide it!

Furthermore, if a burglar gains access to your home with a key 99% of the time your home insurance will become invalid and there will be less criminating clues for the police to find.

NGCL Recommends: If you need to hide a key for family members, nurses, dog walkers etc. we suggest you take a look at purchasing a police approved key safe or installing smart locks which relies on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for access via a Smartphone or fob.

3.     Close and Lock your Windows and Doors!

Always close and lock your windows and doors when leaving your property, a 5 minute pop down to the shop is more than enough time for a burglar to get in and out and far away with your expensive items.

NGCL Recommends: Always lock the door even when you are at home and not just at night either as some insurance providers won’t pay out if the front door was left unlocked at time of entry.


4.     Hide your Valuables Out of Sight!

The sayings true, out of sight out of mind. Always keep your valuables out of sight from the door and windows. Many burglaries are due to so called ‘chance burglars’ who see something they like as they pass by and target that house. Keeping your expensive belongings out of sight eradicates the risk of chance burglars.

NGCL Recommends: Keep your expensive belongings such as your tablet or laptop in a scratch-proof case inside a cabinet.


5.     Hide your Keys

Burglars use a tactic called ‘Fishing’ this consists of the burglars shaping a sturdy piece of wire or similar material into a long ‘hook’. They then use this ‘hook’ to post through your letter box and attempt to hook the keys from their peg or from on the table where they are kept. Keep your keys well away from any doors or windows to prevent this!

NGCL Recommends: Keep your keys inside a draw in your bedroom. This way if a burglar does manage to gain access to your home you know your car keys and other keys to your safe for example are secure with you.


6.     Add Exterior Lights

Adding exterior lights to your property will eliminate any dark hiding spots a burglar can sit in to leer into your home.

NGCL Recommends: It is best to install proper exterior lights but if you need something to tide you over for a short period add some solar lights into your garden, you can continue using them for recreational use after you have installed sufficient security lights.


7.     Start or Join a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Being on good terms with your neighbours is invaluable. Asking them to watch over your home whilst you’re out or on your holidays is a great way to have a familiar pair of eyes on your property who can spot when an unfamiliar person starts snooping around your property.

NGCL Recommends: Have a meeting with your neighbours (via an online call during these current times) and join the neighbourhood watch scheme here: https://www.ourwatch.org.uk/join


8.     Install an Alarm

Installing an alarm that automatically makes a racket as soon as it is triggered is a great way to warn off burglars and have them heading for the hills if they attempt to get into your home.

NGCL Recommends: If you are looking to install a new burglar alarm altogether we recommend taking a look at the new ‘smart security’ home alarm systems one the market as they now offer amazing additions such as security alerts straight to your phone and two-way audio.


9.     Don’t Forget your Garage Door!

Always remember to lock your garage door and don’t leave your tools and valuables in sight. It only takes minutes for someone to come in a steal something. It is even more vital to secure your garage if it is connected to your home!

NGCL Recommends: Installing a garage door defender is a great way to enhance the security of the door. You can pick these up for around £50-£100 and there are great YouTube videos out there for advice on how to install it!


10.Add a Peephole

Adding a peephole to your front door is a great way to boost your home security as it allows you to see who is stood outside your door before you open it and risk being injured or passed by, by a potential burglar.

NGCL Recommends: Never answer your door to a stranger unless they have ID, even if they are suggesting they are a sales person or policeman. This could be a burglar in disguise. Always ask to see their ID before opening the door up to them.


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