July 28, 2021 | Jessica Davies | Blog

Are all Locksmiths Safe? What is a DBS Check?


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Did you know the locksmith industry is currently unregulated? With no official governing body to measure the standards of work and no license required it means that anyone could call themselves a locksmith and cause more damage than good on your property. Not only does this leave the customer out of pocket and put into a potentially unsafe situation but it also frustrates trained, experienced locksmiths who have encountered this problem one too many times. So how do you choose a locksmith? Take a look at our blog below on the things you should look out for when hiring a locksmith.

DBS Check

A DBS check stands for Disclosure and Barring Service and was formerly known as a CRB check. The purpose of a DBS check is to provide safeguarding for those classed as vulnerable such as the elderly and children. All of our NGCL Locksmiths are required to undergo a DBS check to ensure they have no convictions or cautions that may be a red flag before welcoming them onto our team. At the NGCL we carry out DBS checks on all of our locksmiths to ensure our customers are not put at any risk, for example if someone had a previous burglary conviction you would not want them working on your locks or on your house as this poses a potential threat. Therefore, you can trust that your NGCL Locksmith will be a trustworthy professional.


Trained Locksmith

As we mentioned earlier, anyone could call themselves a locksmith and wreck havoc on the properties of those who unfortunately employ them. When searching for a safe and reliable locksmith ensure that they are fully trained by a reputable company and have either a locksmith accreditation or a locksmith qualification. We’d like to reassure you that all of our NGCL Locksmiths are fully trained and hold a locksmith accreditation or locksmith qualification, the locksmith qualification course only became available in the UK last year and already many of our locksmiths have undertaken this course to improve on their locksmith skills and knowledge.



Once you have employed a locksmith or any tradesperson for that matter always ensure you ask to see their ID before welcoming them into your home and instructing them to carry out the work. This ensures that the person stood at your door is who they say they are, there have unfortunately been too many burglary cases reported where the burglars have posed as tradesmen carrying out work in the home.


NGCL Locksmiths

All of our NGCL Locksmiths are fully trained, DBS checked and carry an ID pass with them when at work so you can rest in the knowledge that you will receive a safe and reliable locksmith who will complete the work to professional standards.

You can find more information on the regulations of the locksmith industry in our blog here!