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August Smart Lock Vs Yale Smart Lock


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Smart locks are fast becoming the most popular home security tool out there and if you are looking for a smart lock for your home, then you will find a huge range on the market. It can be confusing to navigate all the different options and prices ranges in the smart lock industry. Two of the biggest, and best, brands of smart locks you will find is August and Yale. These two powerhouses are dominating the smart lock market and you will struggle to find a better smart lock for your home. But how do you choose between? We will go through the features, positives and negatives of both brands, to help you make the right decision for you when it comes to picking between them.

August Smart Lock

August have been in the smart lock game for a while now, so you aren’t going to find a smart lock with more features than the August, however, it’s one of the most expensive smart locks on the market. We break down what features it comes with, what we like about the August Smart lock and what we think the potential drawbacks it has. This should help you decide if spending your hard-earned money on an August Smart lock is the right move.

  • August Smart Lock Features
  • Can be voice controlled
  • Fits to existing dead bolt
  • No additional bridge to connect
  • Unlock door remotely
  • Hands free unlocking

What We Like about the August Smart Lock

What we particularly like about the August Smart lock is the hands-free locking and unlocking that comes as standard, this is called ‘Door Sence’. You can set up the August Smart Lock so it locks after a specific number of minutes once you leave the house. The maximum time is 30 minutes, which we agree is the longest your door should be unlocked. Using Geo-Fencing with your phone, the August Smart Lock also knows when you get close to the door and will unlock automatically, so you don’t have to scramble around to get your keys if your hands are full.

The August Smart Lock also comes with 4 different ways of unlocking your door; your phone, your smart watch, an optional keypad, or for emergencies; the actual key. This means that if a member of your household doesn’t have a smartphone or isn’t technologically minded, they won’t struggle to gain entry to your home. The August App is available on both IOS and Android so you don’t have to worry about not being able to access it.

One of the biggest positives about having any smart lock is the ability to lock and unlock your door remotely. Meaning you can let your teenager in after school if you are still at work and they have forgotten their key, or you can let a service provider into your home without actually having to be there. This saves you having to distribute or hide spare keys, which is a huge plus for your home security. You can also have peace of mind that your door is actually locked as you can check the status of the August smart lock from your app and if you find its been left open, you will be able to lock it from wherever you are.

The August Smart Lock App also comes with, what they call, an ‘activity log’ so you can see the comings and goings within your home. The August smart lock will be able to tell you who has accessed the front door and at what time which is bad news for those coming home after curfew, but good for those looking to make sure a cleaner or other service provider has arrived on time. You can have these come up on your phone as alerts, so you are always in the know about the activity in your home.

One thing that we really love about the August Smart lock is that the instillation is super easy. They claim it takes less than 10 minutes and whilst it might take a little longer for those not DIY savvy, it’s still pretty quick. You simply install the August smart locks on the inside over your existing deadbolt, you do nothing to the outside lock and keep your existing deadbolt and keys. You don’t really have to worry about your lock being compatible with an August Smart Lock as they are compatible with most single cylinder deadbolts.


What We Don’t like About the August Smart Lock

As we mentioned before the August smart lock is pretty pricey. You can currently get the latest model of the August Smart Lock from Amazon for £337.30 and unfortunately Amazon is pretty much the only place in the UK that you can buy an August smart lock. Being that August is a US company, you might struggle to find customer service in the UK if you run in to any difficulties.

For those who are more interior design conscious, the August smart lock is a bit cumbersome. The new generations are smaller, but it’s still sits at 72mm diameter and 46mm depth on the inside of your door.

To find out more about how the August Smart Lock works and how to install it, visit their website.


Yale Smart Locks

Yale are one of the most well-known lock manufactures in the world, so it makes sense that they would have the first Smart Lock that has the British Standard Kitemark. Being that Yale have been making locks since the 1800s you can trust that they know what they are doing. The new Yale Conexis is a smart lock that gives you full control of your home security whilst giving you peace of mind. It’s a bit cheaper than the August Smart Lock, but on the other hand it does come with less features. We will go through the features it does have, what we like about the Yale Smart Lock and what are its drawbacks. Hopefully, this should help you decide if a Yale Smart Lock is right for you.


  • Yale Smart Lock Features
  • Check the status of your lock remotely
  • Send virtual keys to friends and family
  • Takes 4 x AA batteries (included)
  • Integrates with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Simple to install


What We Like About the Yale Smart Lock 

What we like about the Yale Smart lock is that it’s a whole lock and handle, which gives it a sleek and stylish design. As with most other smart locks you have remote control of your lock via an app that you can get on any smart device and is compatible with both IOS and Android. You can also receive alerts to your phone when someone enters or exits your home, meaning you have a complete picture of the activity in your home. The Yale app will also let you know if anything unusual happens, like the door being left ajar or unlocked. 

It’s great to see that a Smart Lock has been awarded the British Standard Kitemark and it’s no surprise that it’s the Yale Smart Lock. This means that is has gone through a rigorous testing process that includes attack testing, durability, and quality tests. What British Standard has added to assess a smart lock is electronic manipulation assessments to see if it could withstand advanced hacking methods. The Yale Smart Lock clearly met all these standards as it now bares the British Standard Kitemark, so rest assured that it’s one of the most secure smart locks out there.  

The Yale Smart Lock is compatible with most UK ‘lift to lock’ multipoint locks, so unless your door has a very unusual locking mechanism then you needn’t worry about it not working for you. The Yale Smart Lock has various methods of letting you gain access to your home, you can have a key card, key tag or use the app on your phone. You can also purchase a Yale Smart Lock that has an inbuilt keypad, so you can use a code to get in.  

What is also a very useful feature is the ability to send family and friends virtual keys, eliminating the need to have physical spare keys hidden around your home as you can grant visitors access via the app. This works particularly well if you have a regular service provider coming to your house, a cleaner or dog walker for example, not only can you grant them a time limited key, you can log the times they come and go.  

The price of the Yale Smart lock is pretty good, it’s currently selling for £250 for the whole bundle, which is almost £100 cheaper than the August Smart Lock. The August smart lock is more technologically advanced but you do get most of the same features in the Yale Smart Lock. As Yale is a UK company you can expect to access lots of support if needed, or you incur a problem.  


What We Don’t Like About the Yale Smart Lock

The Yale Smart Lock does come with a Wi-Fi bridge that needs to be plugged in within 3 metres of the device, unlike the August Smart Lock that is a self-contained unit. Depending on the layout of your home, this could cause you issues.

It’s also doesn’t come with Geo-Fencing, so the door won’t unlock automatically on your arrival, if this is a feature that is very important to you then the Yale Smart Lock isn’t the one for you.

The instillation is also a little more involved as you will need your whole door handle replaced and could need to hire a professional Locksmith to make sure this is done correctly, which would involve spending more money. For an idea on how much it might cost for a Locksmith to come out take a look at our Locksmith Prices Guide.


What To Take Away

Both the August Smart Lock and Yale Smart lock are of good quality and do everything you would want a smart lock to do. When choosing between the two you need to have a clear vision of what your home needs in terms of security, what features are the most important to you and who will be using your smart lock. You need to weigh up the cost of installing a smart lock vs the results you will get from it. Smart locks do tend to be a better choice for home security, as you can monitor the status of your lock remotely, so this could make spending the money worth it for you.

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