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Best Locks for your Bathroom


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internal angle of a modern bathroom facing the door

Depending on how many people live in your home, then your bathroom lock can be one of the most important locks for your property. Bathroom locks are not supposed to be the most secure as if you hurt yourself while in the bathroom, other people need to be able to get in. A bathroom lock is more about stopping people from bursting in when you are on the loo, not protecting you from a burglar. So, there are some considerations you need to make when purchasing a bathroom door lock.


Level of Privacy

The purpose of a bathroom door lock is mainly privacy and not to provide true security. Unlike when choosing a front door lock, you shouldn’t be considering how secure you will be behind the bathroom door. Bathroom doors tend to be hollow, meaning they can be weak, easily broken down if needed. So, what level of privacy you want in the bathroom is something you need to think about.

This will vary from one person to another, if you have roommates or children in the house etc. If you have children then you might not want bathroom locks at all, so there is no risk of them locking themselves in and you will always have access to them, while they are learning how to use the bathroom in a safe way. However, if you live with housemates then you’ll want a lock that keeps the door closed if someone tries to enter.

If you do have children but still want a lock on your bathroom door then you might try to find a discreet lock. In a house full of adults this doesn’t matter so a more obvious lock would be fine.


Emergency Access

It’s been proven that your bathroom is the most dangerous part of the home, and the most likely place you will injure yourself. This makes it important to have a bathroom lock that is easy to unlock from the outside if something were to happen or have an emergency access plan. Having a bathroom lock that can be easily unlocked from the outside means that the door won’t have to be kicked in if you have an accident. Kicking in the bathroom door can be dangerous in itself, as it might cause more injury.


Difficulty of Use

Another consideration you need to make is how easy the lock is to use. Everyone needs to be able to use it with ease, so if anyone you live with has physical disabilities or if you live with an older person, this needs to be considered. If you find it difficult to use the lock then it’s more likely that you will get stuck in there. It will be worth considering installing a lock that doesn’t only lock one way, this will allow for the bathroom door to provide security by stopping anyone just walking in, but can be opened freely from the outside. However, everyone is entitled to their privacy and dignity, so it’s important to make sure everyone can use the lock with ease. For those that have real difficulty with doors and locks, you are able to install push button lock mechanisms and locking systems with large handles.


Lock Durability

An issue that can be bad for your safety is a lock that doesn’t work properly. You need your bathroom lock to be reliable, especially in case of an emergency. It’s important to get your lock fixed or replaced if you find that it is broken or not working at 100%. One way to extend the life of your bathroom door lock is regular maintenance, to keep all the parts moving correctly.  You should also look for bathroom locks that have a British Standard mark, so you know it’s been made with solid materials and has been tested and vetted.



Common bathroom door lock types

Door Knob Locks (Ball Privacy Knob)

These are the most common bathroom door lock/handle that you will find. They can be used on their own for your bathroom door, however if used for an exterior door, it will need to be paired with a deadbolt. The mechanism for these locks is found inside the door knob itself. There is a knob on both sides of the door and they can be fitted with either one or two cylinders, this will depend on if you want to be able to lock it from the inside.


Handleset Locks

These are designed with a handle on the outside, there is also a twist knob or a keyed opening on the inside. These tend to use a deadbolt not a spring bolt so do provide more security. But it’s worth checking how you would unlock it during an emergency. Handle set locks tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than a typical doorknob lock.



This is a simple handle lever with a twist knob on either side. The security on this one isn’t the best, but it can be opened very quickly in emergencies, so this might be good if you’ve got children. You can also unlock these with one hand, so for those with physical disability it would work well.


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