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Best Smart Doorbell 2021


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Smart doorbells have been around for a little while now making them smarter and in some instances more affordable for many home owners who would like an added level of security and convenience to their home. They are convenient in current times which makes social distancing from your postie a breeze and they often work in conjunction with your other smart home devices for seamless connectivity throughout your home with the aim to make your busy life that little bit easier. Smart doorbells come in a range of prices with a range of different features and some are wireless and some not. So choosing a smart doorbell can take time, take a look at our blog to help you along your way in choosing the best smart doorbell for 2021!


1. Arlo Smart Doorbell

The Arlo Video Doorbell takes our top spot on our list for a number of reasons, not only does it include good quality video, smart features and the ability to work in conjunction with your existing Arlo devices, it is all contained within one small, sleek design!

Arlo Smart Doorbell Features:


The Arlo features a HD 180-degree view with a 1:1 aspect ratio meaning you can view a whole lot more at your door in comparison to some of the other doorbells on the market. This great field of view is a great feature as it means you can view the whole of the person standing at your door and any packages that may be at their feet.

Night Vision:

As we know night-time is a particular worrying time when thinking about burglaries but the Arlo includes night vision so you can clearly see who is at your door no matter the time of day.

Two-Way Audio:

As with many video doorbells the Arlo wouldn’t be complete without two-way audio, this feature allows you to ‘answer’ the door without putting yourself at risk by actually opening the door to a stranger. Also you can tell the postie to leave your package on your doorstep or in a safe space if you’re unable to reach the door at that moment. What’s more you can even set pre-recorded messages!

Motion Detection:

The motion detection feature is great for an added level of security as you will be notified when motion is detected by your camera, once you receive the notification you will be able to watch the video live by streaming it to your smart phone.


Another great security feature of the Arlo is the built-in siren. You can set the siren to automatically sound when it is triggered by an event or you can trigger it remotely, this will help warden off any potential burglars.

Arlo Smart Doorbell Disadvantages:

Wired Connection:

The Arlo can connect to your existing doorbell wiring but to be on the safe side it is worth hiring a certified electrician professional to install your smart doorbell which would of course mean an extra one off cost than a doorbell that isn’t wired.

Subscription: Whilst live video and the other features are included in the price if you want to watch the video back for any reason you will need to pay a subscription fee. Prices for this service range from around $3 to $15 a month.

Arlo Video Doorbell Cost:

The Arlo Video Doorbell currently retails on the Arlo website at £179.99 (July 2021).


2. Ring Video Doorbell 4

Number two on our list comes from one of the most popular brand smart doorbells in the UK. We’ve chosen this as number two as this smart doorbell does not need to be wired into the mains which suit many people but renters in particular.

Ring Smart Doorbell 4 Features:

As with all Ring doorbells, the Ring Video Doorbell 4 includes all the much loved features of the existing Ring products including HD video with night vision, two-way audio and the ability to work in connectivity with Alexa but with some improvements. Ring had saw a gap in their effectiveness so the Ring Video Doorbell 4 comes equipped with some added features these include:

Battery Operated:

There are a few battery-operated smart doorbells released by Ring but we thought we’d mention it on our list as to why this smart doorbell has achieved number 2 on our list. Also following on from being battery operated…

Rechargeable Battery Pack:

The Ring Video Doorbell 4 features a quick-release rechargeable battery pack so you can quickly recharge the doorbell whenever you need to at a moment’s notice because let’s face it, we can’t all be organised all the time.

Colour pre-roll Video Preview:

This great extra feature will allow you to view up to an additional 4 extra seconds of video preview before you were even notified. This may help greatly in some security flaws other smart doorbells may have as burglar’s clue up to the latest security technologies.

Easy Set-Up:

Something we love about this smart doorbell in particular is the very easy set up. You can start using your Ring Video Doorbell 4 in three simple steps:

1. Insert the rechargeable battery pack.
2. Connect your smart phone to your smart doorbell.
3. Screw into place using the screws provided, click in the faceplate and away you go!

Ring Smart Doorbell 4 Disadvantages:


Like the Arlo, the Ring Video Doorbell 4 requires you to pay an additional monthly fee to activate the video recording and photo capture; there are two options for this additional fee the basic which will cost you £2.50 a month and the Ring Protect Plus which starts at £8 a month. The plus option is best if you have multiple Ring Doorbells and cameras in your home and comes equipped with 24/7 assisted monitoring with an automated call to all of the designated emergency contacts when the alarm is activated.

Ring Smart Doorbell 4 Cost:

The Ring Video Doorbell 4 currently retails for £179.00 on the Ring website. (July 2021)


3. Google Nest Hello

Number three on our list is the Google Nest Hello, this smart doorbell has made it onto our list as not only does it have a lot of great features that some smart doorbells are missing but it also works in connectivity with your other Google Home devices which many households across the country already have.

Google Nest Hello Features:

24/7 Streaming:

This handy feature ensures that your home is being monitored 24/7 and not just when it is triggered by motion and sound unlike the majority of other smart doorbells. This should provide you with peace of mind in the knowledge that should you need to, you’ll have evidence of whom or what was on your property at any given time.


As well as recording 24/7 the Google Nest Hello will also send notifications to your phone when a person, motion or a sound is detected so you’ll never miss a crucial moment.

Camera View:

The Google Nest Hello comes equipped with a 4:3 HD; night video recording meaning you can see head to toe of the person who may be stood at your door and the night time vision specs are up to a high standard so that you don’t miss a thing.

Pre-Recorded Responses:

The Google Nest Hello also lets you set pre-recorded messages so you can answer even when you can’t!

Google Nest Hello Disadvantages:

Wired Connection:

Like the Arlo, the Google Nest Hello needs to be wired in which as we know will cost you an initial extra cost to get a professional to install it. Also it may not be suitable for everyone such as renters!


Again, like the other two smart doorbell competitors on our list the Google Nest Hello requires a subscription to access some features.

Google nest Hello Cost:

The Google Nest Hello comes in as the most expensive on our list at £229.



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