September 15, 2021 | Haidy Elsawaf | Blog

Can I Change a Lock Myself?


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Can I change locks myself?

There are many DIY locks and guides available, which means many people may attempt changing their locks themselves rather than calling out a locksmith and spending more money. The truth is, there is a reason why a professional locksmith would charge more. Most importantly, a professional locksmith, especially those working with a national company, are safe and DBS checked, meaning they have no criminal record and just as importantly are professionally trained and experienced. This blog will take you through the details of why it is advised to hire a professional to change your locks rather than doing it yourself.


A professional locksmith doesn’t only learn how to repair, change, and install locks, but much much more. This leaves locksmiths experienced when someone needs advice not only when locked out of their home, but for all other door and window problems they may come across. National and local locksmith companies will also be able to advice on the best type of lock to replace, and diagnose any issues whilst they are there.

DIY Mistakes

DIY is great when it comes to saving money. However, bear in mind that you will probably be saving money for a very short time. In the long run, you may find yourself spending more money on many mistakes you won’t notice you’ve made. Some lock DIY mistakes include the following:

  • Choosing the wrong size – when changing or upgrading your lock, you might have a strong idea of what type of lock you will get, but rarely do people get the exact size of a lock.

  • Locking yourself out – changing a lock is a huge focus and requires attention and often do people accidentally lock themselves out.

  • Improper orientation of the lock.

  • Improper fitting leaving the lock vulnerable to break ins.


You may be able to follow a YouTube video of how to change a specific lock, but the chance of fitting the lock correctly and securely first time is very slim. A professional locksmith will save you time, money, and hassle with finishing the job from the first time efficiently and accurately.


Changing the lock isn’t the only difficult part of the whole process, choosing the suitable equipment is also confusing to many people. Each lock requires its own specific tools, which can become quite costly if you’re getting it yourself.  You may end up buying or using the wrong tools which can hinder the lock change, or even break the lock itself putting you back to square one.


Lock quality can be somewhat compromised if you are aiming to change the locks yourself. If you get a lock from a large retail chain, it might be cheaper, but is it high quality and high security and does it come with a 12 month warranty? On the other hand, hiring a professional locksmith means you will be able to have top quality locks that are appropriate for your property.


A professional locksmith wouldn’t change your locks and leave you. They will test your lock that it has been safely and tightly fitted into your door at least 3 times, which will provide you with more security. After they are confident about your lock change, they will clean and tidy everything they have used.

Flexible Schedule

Most of the locksmith businesses have a very flexible schedule, meaning they operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your door got broken in the evening and it is too late to fix it yourself, a professional locksmith can come at any time of the day and help you fix it.

Need a Locksmith?

The National Guild of Certified Locksmiths (NGCL) provides Locksmiths with a worthwhile, fully supported training and operating platform from which to operate their business. Offering them support and guidance in all areas of the industry whilst providing customers with a nationwide coverage of professional, qualified, and expert Locksmiths to deliver fully warranted solutions to their needs. If you need a locksmith call us today on 0808 169 8069.

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