December 14, 2021 | Haidy Elsawaf | Blog

Choosing a Commercial Locksmith to Secure your Business


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commercial locksmith importance to businesses

Regardless of size or type, any business can be a victim of broken locks, lock outs and in extreme unfortunate situations, burglary.  As a business owner or manager, the security of your business is going to be one of your top priorities and it’s therefore vital that you can trust those who offer you commercial security services.

This blog will take you through why a commercial Locksmith should always be on top of your business contacts so that your business remains secure!


What is a Commercial Locksmith?

Commercial Locksmiths are highly skilled individuals who specialise in commercial security for businesses. Often experts both commercially and domestically, these Locksmith hold a vast knowledge and experience which a business owner can utilise to get tailored Locksmith services to best maximise a business’ security.


Why Should you use a Commercial Locksmith?

Whilst they are not only some of the top experts in their field of work, but commercial Locksmiths also often have a more expansive skill set that allows them to work with the particular locks and security systems often found in commercial establishments and provide security solutions tailored to individual businesses.

Commercial Locksmiths also tend to offer their commercial clients more flexible payment terms, like paying with invoices rather than on completion.

For more information about commercial Locksmiths for different businesses, visit our commercial Locksmith page!


Commercial Locksmith Services

Replacing a Lock

The odd lock change thanks to a lost or broken key is a common occurrence for commercial businesses, and to ensure the job is done properly so that the business’ security is maintained, you’ll want to call out an expert Locksmith.

A commercial Locksmith will arrive to site with a fully stocked van in order to complete a job in one visit where possible and ensure that the security of your business is secured.

Safe Services

Most businesses will have a safe somewhere onsite and unfortunately, keys can be lost or their locking systems can break so you’ll need someone that can get you into your safe to access whatever valuables are stored in there!

safe locksmith services for businesses

Upgraded Security

You might be looking for a bit of extra security for your business, whether it’s heftier locks that are more resistant to break ins or window restrictors for health and safety. Commercial Locksmith are great to utilise for this as you can use their expertise and experience to make your business more secure and your investments safer.

Key Suites

With multiple doors, entrances and needs for your business you don’t want to have a key for every single door in your business, just think of the size of the keyring! This is where key suites come in, you can create a master systems of locks where one key can open multiple doors! Expert commercial Locksmiths can measure, order, install and optimise this system for you to make your business more security and more efficient.



If you are opening up a new business/ or office, a commercial Locksmith can help you establish your business’ security.  Whether it’s changing locks, adding more security, or identifying weak points in your security, a commercial Locksmith can use their expertise to help you!


Emergency Lockout Response

Unfortunately, lock outs happen all the time, whether the lock has stopped working, the key has snapped or has been misplaced. Either way, when locked out you want someone reliable to help you get back in and quickly! A commercial Locksmith can be on hand to assist in emergency situation and get you sorted no matter what!


Estate Agents and Landlords Locksmith Services

commercial locksmith and estate agents

Despite commercial locksmiths’ importance and crucial role in all types of businesses, they should be on top of the list particularly for estate agents and landlords. Often the business with the biggest need for Locksmith service due to the nature of the industry, having a trusted commercial Locksmith on call helps to ensure that any issues are sorted efficiently and properties remain secure.


Need a Commercial Locksmith?

At the NGCL, our commercial Locksmiths are highly skilled individuals who provide professional, efficient, and effective 24-hour services using extensive industry experience. We offer a range of different services to suit all commercial needs, offering solutions to a variety of different scenarios and situations, whatever the issue we have the expertise to help.

All our locksmiths are DBS checked, efficient, professional, and overall experienced to ensure that unbeatable Locksmith solutions are provided to efficiently solve and issues our customers might face.