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How Much Does It Cost to Change the Locks on A House UK?


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Whether you are moving house, have a broken lock or have been burgled, there is bound to be a time in your life where you will need a Locksmith. Needing a Locksmith is not a common event (unless you own multiple properties) so you might be unaware of how much it will cost to change the locks on your house.

The cost of changing the locks on a house in the UK can vary depending on several factors. We will go through some of the factors that can affect the cost to change the locks and give a general overview of what it could cost.

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How Much Will a Locksmith Charge for Different Jobs?

Replacing a mortice lock

The mortice lock itself will cost anywhere from £45 and upwards. This does not include the labour charge.


Changing a euro cylinder

The price for a euro lock will be minimum of £35, plus the labour charge.


Emergency boarding up

This can depend on the amount of damage, but prices should start around £200


Changing all the locks on a property

Depending on how many doors and windows your property has, this will start at approximately £350.


Door and window adjustment

If no parts are required then you will, most likely, just pay the hourly rate the locksmith charges.


Gaining entry

If this is done non-destructively and requires no new parts or replacements, then you will pay the locksmith’s hourly rate.


How Much is a Locksmith Per Hour?

As it currently stands there is no regulation in the Locksmith industry in terms of standardised labour charges. However, getting multiple quotes from different Locksmiths can give you an idea of what you are likely to be charged.

There are a few factors that affect how much a Locksmith will charge you. If you book in your Locksmith in on a weekday within standard working hours (8am-6pm) then you are likely to pay a normal day charge. The nature of needing a Locksmith means that you may need to call them to arrive outside of social hours. If you call after 6pm then you are likely to have to pay a premium rate. Locksmiths may charge more on weekends and bank holidays and may also charge you more if they are travelling a long way to get to you.


What is a Labour Rate?

Its important that you don’t get confused between labour rate and a call out charge. A labour rate is the cost to perform services rendered. Typically, you will be charged by the hour or any part of that hour, and this will cover the time onsite for completing the job.

How Much Does It Cost to Change the Locks on A House UK?

When you call to book a Locksmith, they should quote you an hourly rate. A labour rate will not cover the cost of any new or replacement parts. A Locksmith will not be able to guarantee how long a job will take until they get onsite.

A call out charge is a fee for attending the property and nothing else. This will normally be separate and charged on top of the labour rate. This means a Locksmith could arrive at your home, assess the issue, and decide he cannot fix it, but still charge you. Most trustworthy Locksmiths shouldn’t charge you a call out fee and will only charge you their hourly labour rate.

Our advice would be to always ask the Locksmith for a breakdown of charges, so you can be sure of how much you can expect to be billed. A reliable Locksmith should have no issue in explaining the charges to you in detail.


How Much Does it Cost to Change a Door Lock?

Wooden doors

  • Yale cylinder replacement from £119+
  • Complete Yale Replacement from £140+
  • Mortice Lock Replacement (5 lever) from £145
  • Mortice Lock Replacement (2-3 Lever) from £145+


UPVC Doors

  • Standard Cylinder Replacement from £125+
  • High Security Cylinder Replacement from £150+
  • Multi-point Locking System from £220+

All parts pricing is an estimate and is the start from price. The exact cost of replacing your locks will depend on size, make, model, finish and star rating and are subject to individual locksmith costs.


How Much Does an Emergency Locksmith Charge?

An emergency Locksmith will probably charge you in the same way as a non-emergency locksmith; for hours of labour and any parts required. However, the nature of an emergency Locksmith means that you may be calling one out of sociable hours. This is where you could be charged more, as Locksmiths tend to increase their labour rates outside of normal working hours (8am-6pm Monday to Friday). Its shouldn’t be a huge amount more than when calling in daytime hours, but it is something you need to be aware of.


How Much Does it cost to Change the Locks on a House in the UK?

We have given you a breakdown of what factors could affect the price you will pay to change the locks in your home. The amounts we have stated are only estimates and the actual cost may change due the individual Locksmith and they make and model of parts you require. Visit our Locksmith prices page for more information on the cost of a Locksmith, or to find out more about Locksmiths in general find your local Locksmith.