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How to Choose the Best Locksmith


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how to choose best locksmith

When you need a Locksmith, it’s important to know how to choose not only a trusted and reliable Locksmith but also someone that is going to provide the best services for your needs. In this blog, we will explore what aspects you should look at every time you choose a Locksmith!


What Services do you Need?

Locksmith is general term that includes different services, so it’s always best to check that any Locksmith that you are calling will provide you with the service you need.

Emergency Locksmiths

If you are locked out, have just snapped your key in the lock or are trying to secure your home you’ll need an emergency Locksmith who provides a 24 hour service with an emergency response time. Most Locksmiths operate with emergency response times, for example an NGCL Locksmith can be on site within an hour* for emergency situations.

Domestic and Commercial Locksmiths

If you need a lock changed or are looking for security upgrades, you’ll just need someone that offers general Locksmith services and carries a variety of stock on board. Most Locksmiths offer both domestic and commercial services and will carry enough stock on board to get the job done in one visit where possible.

Safe Specialists

Most Locksmiths will have experience with safes, or at the very least can open one destructively. However, with so many different types of safes and locking systems it’s always best to describe your safe to the Locksmith so they are let you know whether it’s a job they can do. Locksmiths who advertise as safe specialists will often have an in depth understanding of safes and can provide a far wider range of services.

Auto Locksmith

You might think that all Locksmiths will be able to open a car but in actual fact this isn’t the case. Older cars can often be opened by a general Locksmith but if you have a newer car or a more expensive model you will most likely need an auto Locksmith as they will have experience with not only car locks but the electronic locking system and internal car computer. Auto Locksmiths are a lot more technical than you think!

Most Locksmiths will have a crossover of experience from all of the specialities but you should always try to describe your problem to them as accurately as you can so they can let you know if they can help!



Once you have a Locksmith who can provide the service you need, it’s time for one of the most vital steps – to check reviews!

Not only will checking reviews help you to choose a trusted Locksmith, but also help you to choose the best Locksmith among other competitors. Most locksmiths will use independent review sites such as Google, Trustpilot, or Checkatrade and will have a profile where previous customers can leave a review.

Reading reviews can give you an idea of a company and how they provide their services but whilst they are really good indicators remember to take them with a pinch of salt as anyone can leave a review without actually being a customer!


Experience in the Industry

Ask yourself some questions when looking for a Locksmith to understand what experience they might have and if they are safe to use.

Have they been operating for a long period of time?

Do they have a formal training?

Are they qualified / accredited?

Are they DBS Checked?


NGCL Locksmiths

The National Guild of Certified Locksmiths provides our customers with a platform to be connected to professional, expert local Locksmiths where quality is assured and customer service is the top priority. All of our Locksmiths are DBS checked, accredited and some of the top experts in the industry. Find your local Locksmith here!

For more information on how a Locksmith can help you in many different ways click here.

*where possible