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How to Choose the Best Locksmith


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how to choose best locksmith

When you’re having issues with your lock and in need of an emergency locksmith, it’s important to know how to choose not only a trusted and reliable locksmith, but also someone that is going to provide the best service for your needs.

Whether that includes lock maintenance, repair or an emergency lockout, choosing the right locksmith is key. Read on to find out the most important aspects to consider when searching and subsequently choosing the best locksmith for you. 

1. Be Clear About the Kind of Locksmith Services You’re Seeking

There are many different areas in the industry varying locksmiths cover. That is why it’s crucial that you are clear about the locksmith services you need and in turn find a locksmith that is skilled in providing the services you need in particular. 

You want to ensure that they are knowledgeable, safe and can deliver the service to a high standard. After all, hiring a locksmith is a security matter for your home and business. Let’s take a look at some of the distinguishing locksmiths out there:

Emergency Locksmiths

Despite the fact that many advertise themselves as a 24 hour locksmith, you may need one who specialises in the area of emergencies. That’s because only emergency locksmiths are truly available 24 hours and 7 days a week. 

For example, if you are locked out, have just snapped your key in the lock or are trying to secure your home in the middle of the night, you’ll need an emergency Locksmith who provides a 24 hour service with an emergency response time. 

A directive of the NGCL is to protect our customers whatever time that may be. NGCL locksmiths can be on site within 30 minutes of being contacted for any and all emergency situations. All of our emergency locksmiths give ETAs as soon as they’re booked as well as live time updates so you are assured of us arriving on time.

All NGCL members go through a thorough vetting process to ensure they are trained to the highest level within the industry so your safety and quality needs are met. If you are ever in need of an emergency locksmith, remember to call 0808 169 8069 as soon as possible.

Domestic and Commercial Locksmiths

If you need a lock changed or are looking for security upgrades, you’ll just need someone that offers general locksmith services and carries a variety of stock on board to get the job done in one visit where possible.

However, when it comes to commercial properties, the qualities an owner prioritises when it comes to locksmiths is someone that is trustworthy, professional and reliable. Many businesses work with the same locksmith for years. Therefore, a relationship built on trust and efficiency needs to be formed. 

Commercial locksmiths are quite different to domestic ones in the sense where not all local locksmiths have the knowledge, equipment or skills to provide services in a commercial setting. After all, many situations that take place in a commercial setting are unlikely to happen in a domestic one. Professional commercial locksmiths are able to better understand the different scenarios that take place in commercial settings. 

If you’re in need of an experienced commercial locksmith, we recommend contacting the Business Accounts team at Keytek® Locksmiths

Safe Specialists

Most Locksmiths will have experience with safes, or at the very least can open one destructively. However, with so many different types of safes and locking systems, it’s always best to describe your safe to the Locksmith so they can let you know whether it’s a job they’re capable of doing. 

Locksmiths who advertise as safe specialists will often have an in depth understanding of safes and can provide a far wider range of services. This includes the ability to open up a safe and protect your files, data or valuables without inflicting any damage. 

Auto Locksmith

You might think that all locksmiths are able to unlock a car but in actual fact this isn’t the case. Auto locksmiths are a lot more technical. A specialised auto locksmith will provide swift solutions for any type of vehicle.

Older cars can often be opened by a general locksmith but if you have a newer car or a more expensive model, you will most likely need an auto locksmith as they will have experience with not only car locks but the electronic locking system and internal car computer. 

However, you always want to ensure that you find an auto locksmith that is a highly trained professional so the vehicle’s surface is not damaged when removing or opening a broken key. 

Most locksmiths will have a crossover of experience from all of the specialties but you should always try to describe your problem to them as accurately as you can so they can let you know if they’re best suited for the job.

2. Recommendations and Word of Mouth

Once you have found a Locksmith who can provide the service you need, it’s time for one of the most vital steps — to ask friends or family who have had lock work done for any recommendations. 

Once you’ve gotten a personal opinion, we also recommend taking a look at review sites. Not only will checking reviews help you choose a trusted locksmith, but it will also help you choose from the best local locksmiths among other competitors.

Most locksmiths will use independent review sites such as Google, Trustpilot, Yell or Checkatrade and will have a profile where previous customers can leave a review. Don’t just rely on bigger review sites, take a look at social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for increased transparency.

Despite reviews being really good indicators of the way a company operates and how a locksmith provides their services, remember that anyone can leave a review without actually being a customer!

3. Verifying Their Skill Level

Ask yourself some questions when looking for a Locksmith to understand what experience they might have and if they are safe to use.

  • Have they been operating for a long period of time?
  • Have they had formal training?
  • Are they qualified/accredited?
  • Are they DBS Checked?

If a locksmith claims to be accredited, make sure you check the accreditation being claimed is true. False claims of accreditation could greatly jeopardise your safety. All of our locksmiths are accredited to at least a level 3 and have had all the necessary training for the service they are offering. 

If you’re a fully trained locksmith who prioritises customers and considering becoming a member of the NGCL, you can read more about the criteria here.

4. Make Sure the Costs Are Fair

Be wary of any locksmiths that aren’t clear about their prices. Some could prey on the vulnerability of those in need of an emergency locksmith and can charge outrageous prices. 

Get a written estimate for the cost of services beforehand and confirm with the locksmith that it covers all the related fees and charges. Get in contact with one of our local locksmiths, explain the job that needs doing and they will agree on a price with you before starting any work. 

NGCL Locksmiths

The National Guild of Certified Locksmiths provides our customers with a platform to be connected to professional, expert local locksmiths where quality is assured and customer service is the top priority. All of our locksmiths are DBS checked, accredited and some of the top experts in the industry. Find your local Locksmith here!

For more information on how a locksmith can help you in many different ways and for some tips on security matters click here.