July 14, 2021 | KimElliott | Blog

How to find a trustworthy Locksmith


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When choosing a Locksmith it’s important that you are confident that you are getting someone reliable and trustworthy. This is especially important if you need a Locksmith after a break in, as this could be a distressing time for you. We will go through what you should look out for when choosing a Locksmith.


Should I look for a Locksmith with a qualification?

The answer to this is, as of recently, yes. But this hasn’t always been the case. Within the last year Ofqual (a governing body) has offered an industry recognised qualification. However, before this Locksmith engineers have been able to gain a Locksmith accreditation. It’s also possible that those that have been in the industry for a long time may not have an official qualification, but make up for it in skills and experience. So it’s not always best to look for an official qualification when looking for a trustworthy Locksmith.


What should I look for?

Trust Signals

Trust signals are used by many businesses to show that they are trustworthy. This could be displaying a logo from a trusted third-party advisor such as Which or TrustaTrader. Websites like this put tradesman, such as Locksmiths, through vetting and competency checks, so you know that you are getting a reliable tradesperson. Locksmiths also might display where they trained, so you have confidence that they know what they are doing.


Look at Reviews

Make sure to check out any reviews that a Locksmith has, especially if they are an independent Locksmith. Reviews from real customer might highlight to you any issues with the Locksmith, such as overcharging and shoddy work. Also be on the lookout for fake reviews, if every review you see is 5 stars and super positive then this could be suspicious. Look for reviews that seem fair and realistic, a business is never going to have all 5-star reviews. But as long as the majority of the reviews are positive, you can be confident the Locksmith is trustworthy.


Independent or Sub-contracted?

An independent Locksmith is an engineer who has set up their own Locksmithing business and works only for themselves. It might be that you have more confidence going with a Locksmith from a national company, such as The NGCL, as then you have some level of accountability. If there is a problem with the work you can contact the company the Locksmith works for, if you use an independent then is still possible, however they could just disappear at any sign of a complaint. Also, you can be assured with a company such as The NGCL, all Locksmiths are highly trained and either have an accreditation or qualification in Locksmithing.


Be aware of a price that’s too good to be true

Be very wary of any Locksmith advertising their services for under £60, as this can be a bad sign and they most likely intend to add on hidden costs to bump up the price. Locksmith services are not something that you use on a regular basis, so you may not be familiar with the average cost of employing a Locksmith. The price a Locksmith will charge you will depend on the job that needs doing and any parts that need purchasing. At The NGCL we are completely upfront about our costs, so that you are able to make an informed choice about using us. To learn more about Locksmith prices visit out Locksmith Prices Page.


Get 3 quotes

If you have the time and your job is not urgent then try to get at least 3 quotes from different Locksmiths. This way you can compare prices and availability of the Locksmiths. However if the job is time sensitive, such as after a break in, then you may want to use a company such as The NGCL as we regularly price compare, so we can offer competitive prices to all our customers.


What to take away

When looking for a Locksmith you are never going to know 100% that someone is reliable, but you can make informed choices. Reading reviews, looking for trust signals and getting quotes is the best way to pick the best Locksmith. Don’t always go for the cheapest option, as this could be a ploy to add on secret charges. To find out more about booking a Locksmith click here.