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How to Open a Locked uPVC Door Without a Key


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Whether your key isn’t turning, you’ve lost the key or you managed to lock yourself out, you may find yourself wondering how to open a locked UPVC door without a key?

If you go to Google and search ‘how to open a locked UPVC door without a key?’ then you are going to see a lot of YouTube videos and articles showing and telling you different ways to open a door without a key. However, all these methods tend to be destructive and will mean that you need to pay for someone to fit a new lock afterwards. So, its quicker, easier, and safer to just call a professional Locksmith to do the work for you.

If you need a locksmith then go to our Find a Locksmith Page to find an engineer near you.


How to Open a Locked UPVC door… with a Drill

This will be one of the most popular techniques you will see explained. However, likelihood is if you are locked out, you won’t have access to your drill. Even if you do have access to a drill, drilling your lock will definitely break your lock, meaning you will have to pay for a lock replacement. The other most likely thing to happen is that it won’t work because locks are made to withstand forced entry methods like this, especially if your locks are British Standard.

Also, unless you are a professional Locksmith, you probably won’t drill in the right place. If you call a Locksmith instead, they may be able to get you back into your home without breaking the lock.


How to Open a Locked UPVC Door… with a Screwdriver

This is another popular way to try and get your door open without a key and involves removing the escutcheon plate from the door. This technique will not work for you if you are locked out, however, as you need access to both sides of the door.

how to open a locked upvc door without a key

It also calls for you to fiddle with the pins inside the lock with a hair pin or another thin object. However, juggling a lock with a bobby pin is not as easy as it seems in the films, it’s unlikely that you will be able to expose the pins and move them to the right position to get the door open. It’s likely that you will break your lock or get something stuck in there.

As before, we would recommend you call a professional Locksmith to open your door, as you will probably end up calling them to replace the lock anyway.


How to open a locked UPVC door…by Lock Snapping

This is a favourite technique of burglars, as it essentially uses brute force to snap the lock and leave the mechanism exposed, so it can be tampered with. This will leave you needing to have your locks replaced, even if it’s done by you. This technique won’t work if you have anti-snap locks installed, as these are designed to snap in a certain place, without exposing the mechanism. There is also the risk that if you are seen trying to enter a home this way, then passers-by will be suspicious and call the police.

To find out more about lock snapping then visit our blog on lock snapping here.

If you are interested in having anti snap locks fitted to your door then find out more information British Standard.


How to Open a Locked UPVC Door Without a Key

Our advice is that you call a professional locksmith to gain entry to your home, or to replace the lock if you’ve lost keys.

This is the most effective and straightforward way to open a UPVC door without a key. Any method of entry you try yourself is most likely going to end up with you calling a Locksmith anyway, so why not just start by calling one out. The more damage you do to your lock yourself, the more you will need to pay the Locksmith to fix and/or replace your locks. This price will sky rocket if you do so much damage that your door needs replacing.

For more information on locksmith prices visit our locksmith prices page.