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Keyless Entry Door Locks 2022


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It’s becoming more common place for home and business owners to use keyless entry door locks. The technology for keyless entry isn’t a new thing, car manufactures have been using it for the past few years to allow you ease of access. This means the technology we are now seeing be used for homes and businesses has been improving and developing where it has got to a place now where it’s reliable enough to be used for home and business security.

We will go through some of the way keyless entry door locks can be beneficial to your home and improve your overall home security.

1. No Physical Key to Keep Track Of

We are all used to putting the key in the lock and opening the door and have all also struggled to get the key in the lock and turn it with our hands full of shopping or children. Keyless entry door locks mean you just have to pull down the handle and open the door as with many of these systems your physical presence near the door will unlock it.

You also don’t have the worry of losing your physical key. With most keyless entry door locks being activated by an app on your phone, it’s one less thing to keep track of. This also goes for handing out spare keys, with keyless entry door locks, you can ‘send’ your friends and family digital keys, so they can let themselves in when needed.

 Keyless Entry Door Locks

2. No Spare Keys to Worry About

If you have recently moved house, or not had your locks changed in a long time, then you might not know who has a spare key. This not only poses a security risk but also can be an insurance breach. With keyless entry door locks, you can give out a ‘key’ that only works for one day or even one hour. This means you have complete control on who has access to your home at all times and can even restrict access if need be. Having a keyless entry door lock also removes the temptation of hiding a spare key on your property, which is one way a burglar might gain access to your home.


3. It Can Save You Money

With a keyless entry door lock, the risk of getting your key jammed in the lock or the key snapping in the lock is gone and all of the other issues associated with normal locks are minimised. So, the need to have your locks changed or repaired will be minimal. You might have to pay more for keyless door entry locks, as they are more expensive than regular locks, but in the long-term, you should save money.


4. You Can Keep Track of Children or Tradespeople

With a lot of the keyless entry systems, you can set it up so you receive notifications to your phone when a key is used. If you have multiple children, they can have their own ‘key’ meaning that you will know who is coming in and out and at what time. Same goes for any tradespeople that you let into your home, if they have a digital key, you can track when they enter your home and when they leave. This can give you peace of mind that everyone is where they are supposed to be.


Keyless Entry for Businesses

So, we know that keyless entry door locks can be beneficial to your home, but what can it do for business? We will go through some of the ways keyless locks would be good for a business properties.


1. Better Security

Physical keys are easily lost, stolen, or copied and are fast becoming outdated in the modern security world. For businesses, keyless entry systems offer every authorised person their own unique credential that grants them access to the building which means that every member of staff who enters the building can be identified by their digital key. This allows you to monitor who is coming in the building and when.

2. Easier to Manage

Every business will have some level of staff turnover, so every time an employee leaves, there is a chance they will retain a copy of the key. This could mean that you have to get your locks replaced every time a member of staff leaves. A keyless entry system will stop the need for this as you can reconfigure their key to not have access with minimal effort and the whole system doesn’t need to be changed. With all the freedom of a keyless entry system you can revoke permissions and add new users without a major disruption to the security of the building.


3. Remote Access

There are certain keyless door systems that will allow you to grant remote access. This would be a good feature for a company who have a number of different locations, as those with access can make changes to access and lock and unlock doors without being on site.

It’s also a reliable and easy way to keep track of your employees. With a traditional lock, you have no idea who arrived where and when. But with keyless entry systems you’ll be able to view which credentials have accessed which doors, most come with time stamps, so you can be sure everyone is in the right place. It is also a helpful feature if any incidents happen within your business as you have a record of who was in the building at the time.

With remote and flexible working being more common place, remote management is being relied upon more and more. You can keep an eye on who is coming in and out of your work buildings.


So, with keyless entry systems becoming ever more popular, it’s worth doing some research into whether it will be a good investment for your home or business. They can improve the security of domestic properties as well as work spaces. Being able to remotely change access permissions and have a real time log of who has entered a property means you can peace of mind that you and as secure as possible.


What to Consider When Choosing a Keyless Entry System for 2022

When choosing the best keyless entry system for your home, there are a couple of things that you will need to consider:


What Level of Security You Need

There are a wide range of keyless entry systems that offer differing levels of security. Depending on what level of security you are looking for may narrow down your choices. High net worth homes, with many valuable items inside may require the highest level of security, so features such as biometrics and facial recognition software may be best suited. Whereas a standard UK family home may only need the option for virtual keys for various members of the family, there is no need for them to splash out an expensive feature such as double authentication or biometrics.



This could be one of the biggest factors when it comes to your choice of keyless entry systems, as they can be very expensive. Although it’s always worth investing in the security of your home, you don’t want to stretch yourself to something you can’t afford. Not only will there be upfront cost of the hardware, but you’ll also have to pay out for installation and pay for regular services and maintenance.


The Best Keyless Entry System for Businesses 2022


Paxton Access Control Systems

Paxton Access have been making IP access control and door systems for over 30 years, so they know what they are doing. Paxton offer the following security systems for business:

  • Door entry
  • Control units
  • Monitors
  • Proximity readers
  • Mounted readers
  • Energy saving readers
  • Access cards and fobs
  • Hands-free interface
  • Exit buttons
  • Reader connection modules


They offer three different types of access control products: the Net2, the Switch 2 and the compact ranges. All of Paxton’s products are PC only based, which means it’s not ideal for those looking for a more mobile solution to keyless entry. Their keyless entry systems comes with full colour touchscreen monitors, which are easy to use and can be accessed with a handset or can be set in handsfree mode. There are also video voicemail options and you can expand the package with IP and PoE. What makes this good for a business is the fact the software can handle up to 50,000 users and thousands of doors.

There’s also a cloud-based option with Paxton, that’s called Paxton BLU. The BLU system can be accessed by anyone that has a smart device or PC connected to the internet. This system is designed more for remote working sites that have limited access control options. This will allow you to grant access without having to physically go down to the site.

What we like about Paxton:

  • Multiple product lines, so you can pick the one that best for your company or home
  • Could based options for remote work sites
  • Lots of optional extras, meaning you can tailor what you buy, to make Paxton work best for your business
  • You can up the scale easily by adding more to an existing system, so the system can grow as your business does.


Videx Access Control Systems

Videx is widely known and is one of the top suppliers of door entry and access control systems in the country. Starting as a small company based in London, they now provide entry solutions across the UK and use their wealth of experience to create entry systems to suit you and your business. They break their products down into three sections: applications, systems, and series.


For business Videx provides access control and secure door entry packages for small and large sites and offices and can meet every companies’ specific needs and requirements.


Videx has a huge range of systems, that all come with a range of unique feature that provide the best solutions for any businesses security needs.

The systems include:

  • IP Systems:
  • Digital GSM intercoms
  • Traditional intercoms
  • Standalone systems
  • Web access solutions
  • Vprox
  • S-PROX
  • Portal plus
  • VX2300
  • VX2200


The systems that Videx provide are further separated into series, such as; 4000 and 8000 series and the VR4K series. They all come with a huge choice of entrance panels and videophone design.


The Best Keyless Entry Systems for Homes 2022


August Smart Lock

One of the biggest and best keyless entry door lock for your home is August. Once fitted to your door, it’s easy to use and comes with its own app. It can also connect to Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.


The most recent model of the August lock is 45% smaller than its predecessors, sitting at around 2.8 inches in diameter and only 1.8 inches in depth. The August has always had a sleek design but making it this much smaller has just added to the overall stylish appearance of the keyless door lock.


Another thing we like about the August is it’s easy to install. Most DIY minded people can install it quickly with only a screwdriver. To install you’ll need to remove the thumb latch on the interior plate to fit the August smart door lock with the correct adaptor, then you can clip on the smart lock with the two lock wings.

If you’re not comfortable with this level of DIY then it’s always best to hire a professional Locksmith, to make sure the lock is fitted correctly. It’s also worth checking your home insurance requirements, as they can often state that all locks must be installed by a professional.


They are on the pricier side at around £300-400 depending on what make and model you choose but they are one of the big players in the smart lock game and you’re unlikely to find another lock with as many features or an app that works as well.


The August smart lock uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections so you can control it from anywhere in the world. The August smart lock also connects with Alexa, Google, and Siri for not only voice commands but also for setting up routines and automation. This means the August smart lock is great for anyone who has other smart systems in their home already.


Wyze Lock

Wyze is on the list because it’s the most affordable keyless door lock on the market, perfect for those on a budget. Although it doesn’t offer as many features as some of the more expensive keyless entry door locks, it does the main job you want…to open your door without a key.


The lock itself isn’t dissimilar to the August in shape and size being circular and 2.2 inches wide and 1.2 inches thick. There’s an LED indicator at the top that flashes different colours to indicate different things and like all other smart locks the Wyze uses an app to work.

The App

There’s a large lock/unlock button within the app which makes it very easy to use and the app can also tell you if the door is open or closed, even if you aren’t at home. Within the app there’s a running log of who unlocked the door at what time and how long the door has been left open for. You can also set it to automatically unlock when your phone is near, using locations services.


The Wyze lock uses your doors existing cylinder, deadbolt and latch assembly and comes with everything you need to install it. As we warned before, you need to make sure you have the skill level to successfully install it yourself and you need to check your home insurance requirements.

The lock itself runs on four AA batteries, these are easily installed and replaced by removing the magnetic face plate. Wyze has connections through Bluetooth and Zigbee radios imbedded, however, the Wi-Fi connection is included in the plug-in wi-fi gateway module that you connect to your home network.


On the downside, the Wyze lock doesn’t yet connect with Alexa or Google voice commands and it’s limited on the other smart devices, it can interact with. So, you will be limited if you have other smart devices in the house that you want to connect.


So, whether you are installing keyless entry systems to your home or for your business, there a lot of options out there. You need to consider your budget, who will be using it and what features you might want. With a bit of time and research you should be able to find one that meets your security needs. To find out more about keeping your business secure click here to read our tips and for more information on home security, visit our home security hub.

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