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Lock Snapping


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What is Lock Snapping? Anti-Snap Locks

Ever heard of the term lock snapping? Maybe you’ve unfortunately had your lock snapped by a burglar and therefore they were able to gain access to your precious home? Take a look at our blog to discover exactly what lock snapping is and how you can prevent it!

What is Lock Snapping?

Lock snapping is the term used when an intruder snaps the door lock in two by using brute force. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence as it requires no skill and often regular things around the home are used to assist this burglar technique allowing access into someone’s home within seconds. Once the intruder has managed to apply enough force to remove the outside of the lock it leaves the mechanism exposed allowing the lock to be tampered with and unlocked.

What Doors are Susceptible to Lock Snapping?

uPVC doors and windows are the most at risk to lock snapping as they more often than not have a euro cylinder lock type. As the most common door type in the UK this leaves approximately 22 million homes at risk to lock snapping techniques which just take around 13 seconds to snap.


How to Prevent Lock Snapping

The best way to prevent your locks from being snapped is to upgrade your locks to an anti-snap lock. To upgrade to an anti-snap lock call one of local Locksmiths today on 0808 164 2928 or visit our page to Find a Locksmith near you!

There are many things you can do to help prevent your home being a potential target; we’ve found lots of good home security advice through Keytek® who have a full Home Security Guide (click to see more).


What is the Best Anti-Snap Lock?

The only anti-snap lock that has a TS007 3 Star rating, SS312 Sold Secure Diamond Accredited and Secured by Design Accredidation is the ABS High Security Euro Cylinder. So, the ABS High Security Euro Cylinder is the best anti-snap lock currently available on the market.

Our Locksmiths are able to fit this lock for you anytime you like as they carry a fully stocked van to all jobs including this part.


How do I know if I have an Anti-Snap Lock?

An anti-snap lock will either have a 3 Star Kitemark or a Sold Secure Diamond located on the lock. if you’re unsure, one of our local Locksmiths will be able to help you.


What Should I do if my Lock has been snapped?

If you find that your lock has been snapped or tampered with you should immediately call the police and try not to touch around the lock area as the police will hopefully be able to gather some evidence. Once the police have visited you should then call a Locksmith to come and change your locks to ensure your home security is as secure as it can be.



Here at the National Guild of Certified Locksmiths we believe it is our duty of care to ensure all of our customer’s homes are as secure as they can be. To upgrade your locks to anti-snap locks call one of our friendly team members today on 0808 164 2928 or request a call back online here.