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Sash Jammers


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There are multiple ways you can improve your home security including this small and inexpensive piece of equipment! But what are sash jammers? Will they make my home more secure? What are the best sash jammers? Read on to find out!


What are Sash Jammers?

Sash jammers are a small device that can improve the security of your uPVC windows and doors. They attach near the window or door frame and pivot over the door or window securing it into place, offering another level of security that can help prevent against forced entry.


Are Sash Jammers Effective?

Sash jammers are effective in improving your home security as they add an extra boundary through which a burglar must force through when trying to break into a home. This will add time to the burglar’s efforts and will give you more time to call the police and get to a safe place if you’re home. If you’re not home some burglars may even give up trying to break-in as they aim to be in and out of your home in as little time as possible to avoid getting caught! They fit most types of uPVC windows and doors and are widely available at a cheap price.


How can I make my uPVC Windows more Secure?

You can make your uPVC windows more secure by getting an approved Locksmith to fit a sash jammer. Another way you can improve your window security is to upgrade the locks to anti-snap locks which prevent the burglar from being able to pick the lock or damage it and have the ability to force the window open.


What are the Best Sash Jammers?

Sash jammers are available cheaply and ‘does what it says on the tin’. If you’re looking to buy the best of the best then take a look at the sash jammers that bolt through the frame and are lockable from the outside, of course, these will be more expensive than your regular sash jammer.


Can I fit a Sash Jammer Myself?

Yes, it is relatively easy to fit a sash jammer yourself. However, if you are upgrading your doors and windows due to security concerns, perhaps you have recently been burgled then we recommend you call a professional Locksmith. Not only can our NGCL Locksmiths fit your sash jammer correctly they can also give you advice on your home security and fit more secure locks if need be.


How many Sash Jammers do I need?

Depending on your door or window type you will typically need between 1 and 4 sash jammers. You’ll need 1 sash jammer for a small window, 2 for a single door one at the top and one at the bottom and therefore for patio and French doors you will need 4 sash jammers, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom.


Cost of a Sash Jammer

Sash jammers are a really good budget option for upgrading your home security as buying the sash jammer yourself will be around £10.


Please Remember

Please remember that sash jammers are to be used in conjunction with your secure, British Standard approved locks. Using as sash jammer without additional locks will not only leave your home vulnerable to break-ins it will also invalidate your home insurance.


NGCL Locksmiths

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