The Best Ways to Find Lost Keys

So, you’ve gone out and had a good time with your friends, but you’ve come back home and realised the worst has happened… You’ve lost your keys! Or maybe you’re getting ready to go out but can’t find them, and now you’re running late! Here are the best ways to find your lost keys, in and outside of the house.

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Look in the Last Place You Saw Your Keys

If you can, retrace your steps from when you last had them to try and find them again. Whether your lost house keys were last seen inside or outside of the home, try going to the last place you saw them to find them.

Look Around Your Home

Keys often get lost, sometimes they can be easily found, sometimes they get found in bizarre places. First look in the most common places such as where they are normally left, or the closest surfaces such as tables and chairs near where they are usually left. Also try looking where you’ve used them – the doors you’ve used them in or in your car ignition!

Still can’t find your lost house keys. Try looking under paper stacks or in coat, jumper, and trouser pockets. Have a look in your shoes or on the floor around your front door, coat, or shoe racks? Check in your bedroom or in your drawers. Even take a peek in the fridge or freezer to see if they show up there!

Don’t Forget to Look Outside

Did you lose the keys outside of your home? Then call up the places you’ve been to see if they have found anything or go back and have a look around yourself if you’re able. If they find your house keys, then they can hold them for you to get back.


Keep a Spare Key or Two

Keep a spare key or two in a safe space so if you can’t find your keys you can use the spare keys and look for your lost ones when you get back. This will save you the rush of having to find your keys before you go out and making yourself late.

You will still need to find your lost keys, but you won’t be late if you need to be somewhere, and you will have more time and less stress if you wait until you come home. Sometimes all it takes it a bit of time and a calm mind to find them in the most obvious place.


Clear Away the Chaos

Keeping your home tidy and getting rid of clutter will make it easier to find your keys, as there will be less places for the key to hide. If you’ve lost your keys, try getting rid of some clutter and you may find your keys hidden behind a stack of papers or they may have fallen off a busy shelf.


Still Can’t Find Your Keys? Call A Locksmith to Change Your Locks

The safest way to get in your home if you’ve lost your keys is to call a professional Locksmith as they will usually be able to gain entry, change your lock and give you new keys all in one visit. If you’re sure you’ve lost your keys outside your home, it’s always best to change your lock to protect you home from a break in, as you don’t know who may have picked them up.

If you need a locksmith, then visit our find a locksmith section to find a local locksmith near you.

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Prevention Is ‘Key’!

Here are some useful tips and tricks to put in place ready for when you next misplace your keys:

  • Buy a smart key finder to track your lost keys. This can link and send alerts to your phone of its whereabouts or make a loud noise to make it easier to find. Here are the top key finders.

  • Put bright and obvious decorative keychains into your key. They will be much easier to see and find if you make them noticeable. Something like a big pink fluffy keychain ball or a large leather tag that is easy to spot will make it stand out from the rest of your stuff. If you’ve lost your keys outside of your home, by having a unique decorative keychain it will be easier to describe and identify them.

  • Always put them away in the same place. Having a safe space to place your keys will create a habit so they will always be put away there. This could be a key bowl or key hooks near the front door, so you know where to leave them and where to look first.

  • Get a key safe outside. Having a key safe somewhere that you can access when locked out can help you easily get back in if you’ve lost your keys when you’re out and about. If you can’t find your keys before you leave, by knowing you have keys in the key safe it means you can go out without the anxiety of having to figure out how to get back in. Have a look at the best key safes available.