January 20, 2022 | Haidy Elsawaf | Blog

Top Door Security Tips for 2022


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door security tips for 2022

The new year is the perfect time to start looking at your home security to make sure you stay secure in 2022! It was thought that in 2021, 76% of burglars gained entry to a home through a door, with 33% forcing the lock and an astonishing 14.5% simply opening an unlocked door, so in 2022 your door security will help to keep your home secure!

In this blog, we will take you through the best ways to secure your door in 2022 so you and your home stay protected!

1.      Lock Your Door!

Locking your door is usually a normal habit, however, surprisingly some people still forget to do it! Remembering to lock your door will certainly offer your home more protection and help to keep your family, and your valuables safe!

Lock your door importance in 2022

In fact, home insurance providers will usually want to know what locks you have on your external and patio doors when you apply for a home insurance policy. This is because it’s an indicator of how well your home is protected. If you don’t lock your doors when you leave the house could actually invalidate your insurance as this can be a requirement of your policy!


2.      Update your Door

Making sure you have a suitable door is not only important, it’s critical. Therefore, choosing the right door is going to significantly help your home security. Different door types offer different designs, thermal performance, security, and practicality. Different types of door materials are:


Whilst they can add traditional elegance to their property, wooden doors can be the least secure type of door type as they are not reinforced in the same way that a uPVC, Composite and Aluminium door are and are susceptible to issues like warping and rot!


Aluminium is a durable and powerful material that creates a strong physical border between your property and the rest of the world. It’s a cutting-edge substance that will stand the test of time. Aluminium doors are weatherproof by nature and will withstand whatever the elements throw at them.


uPVC doors are extremely secure and safe with exceptional performance and durability. It’s a great material for front and back doors because it’s low maintenance, thermally efficient, and when paired with the multi locking mechanism can benefit your home security.


Composite doors are naturally sturdy and resistant to intruders due to their structure. They feature an insulating core and are made up of multiple layers, making them also incredibly energy efficient.

Check our Door Security Guide here for more information on door types.


3.      Update your Locks

Different lock types and models can come with different security features, which not only can help keep your home safer but also can also potentially help you save money on your home insurance.

One of the most common lock types on a uPVC door is a euro cylinder, which unfortunately can be prone to lock snapping! To combat this, there are higher security models available which have protection against this form of forced entry and can better help to protect your home against attack.

Consider upgrading your door locks to higher security models to benefit from the different security features that they hold to keep your home secure.

Learn more about higher security models here!


4.      Go Smart in 2022

Go smart door in 2022

Another way you can help secure your door is to update your traditional lock into a smart lock. Smart locks have amazing features like the ability to keep a record of who enters and leaves your house, remote access to lock and unlock the door and even notifications of when the door is opened. Usually controlled through a smart device, you can give and take away access to family members, friends, and neighbours to have better control over who has access to your home!


5.      Door Accessories

Something that people can often overlook is accessories. Things such peepholes and door chains gives you an extra layer of security to your door at a relatively cost effective price, so they are definitely something you should utilise to keep your home safe and your door secure!

Install a Peephole

A front door peephole is a cost-effective solution to increase a sense of security in your home. Before unlocking the door to someone knocking at the door, you’ll be able to quickly check who’s there and just outside your door to make sure you’re opening the door safely.

Fit a Door Chain

A correctly installed door chain allows you to safely open the door without giving the person on the other side full access to your home. A great deterrent from someone being able to force a door open, a door chain can give you piece of mind that there is a second line of defensive should someone try a force their way through your front door lock.

Smart Doorbell

Smart Doorbells are a great addition to highly secure your door. With traditional home doorbells, we all know the drill. The doorbell is rung by whoever is outside your house, and the chime is heard throughout your house. Then you open your front door without knowing who was on the other side of the door. Doorbell technological advancements have expanded the levels of home safety that a traditional doorbell can offer. You can have a chat with someone without opening the door, see visitors clearly through an integrated camera, and use it through a smart app and receive smart notifications.

It’s no surprise that all door accessories can play a factor in securing houses, but they are only effective when installed correctly. Therefore, it’s important to hire a professional to install your door accessory, to ensure that it is working correctly and doesn’t cause damage to your door or frame.


To conclude, you could make your home more secure for you and your family by making your door entry points more difficult to access and storing your most valuable possessions in the hardest to break into areas. Take a fresh look around your home now that you’ve learned all of the above door security ideas. Try and think the way a potential thief would and check if your door has any vulnerabilities that they could exploit – then address them.