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What Can Affect Locksmith Prices?


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what affects locksmith prices and how much does a locksmith cost?

Locksmiths provide lots of different services to customers, the most common is in emergency situations when you are locked out or when keys have been lost. However, calling out a Locksmith isn’t a regular occurrence for most so knowing how much they can cost can become confusing.

It’s important to have an estimate of how much a reliable Locksmith might charge for Locksmith services, so we have created this blog to answer some of your questions about Locksmith prices and what can affect them.

For in-depth information about Locksmith prices, our Locksmith Prices and Cost Estimates Guide provides more information or call us on 0808 164 2928 for more accurate quotes.


Time of Day

Time of the day is a  factor of how much you could pay a Locksmith. If you have called out a Locksmith at 11pm, the cost is most likely going to be higher than if you called them out at 11am. This is because outside of normal working hours (6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday) you can expect to pay a premium.


Day of the Week

Most Locksmiths in the UK operate 24 hours, providing their services at times including bank holidays and weekends. As these days are outside of normal working hours, Locksmiths will usually charge a little more than usual for working these extra hours.


Call Out Charge

Some Locksmiths will apply a callout fee, which is a fee for physically arriving onsite and then will charge a labour rate on top. A labour rate is a charge for the time a Locksmith spends on site actually fixing the issue.

Some Locksmiths will charge for both, but most will only charge for the labour rate, but it can significantly increase the price of a Locksmith service if a call out charge is added. It’s worth asking the Locksmith on the phone before they attend if they charge a call out charge, most reputable companies do not charge these.



Where you live can also affect the cost of services. It’s no surprise that services in larger cities, like London, come with a premium charge and the Locksmith industry is no different. The price of a Locksmith is reflective to the area in which you live and the general costs of the area.

how much does a locksmith cost and what affects locksmith cost in UK


Type of Job

Every type of Locksmith job will differ in its costs. The cost to replace a lock will be different from replacing an entire mechanism, and again, will differ from burglary repairs and boarding up!


Required Parts

The parts needed for the job will affect the overall price you will be charged, for example a euro cylinder (commonly found on uPVC doors) can cost £30+, whilst a mortice lock (commonly found on wooden doors) can cost £45+.


Size of the Job

Most reliable and trusted Locksmith companies will try and get all work done within the hour where possible. However, it’s worth noting that the size of the job can affect the cost of the Locksmith service.

how much does a locksmith cost and what can affect UK locksmith cost

Most Locksmiths will charge an hourly labour rate and if you were looking to get a single lock changed then this will most likely just be a single hours’ worth of labour, however if you are moving home and were looking to get all your locks changed then you might have to factor in a couple hours of labour.


About the NCCL

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