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When Should I Call a Locksmith?


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When should I call a Locksmith

People usually think of a locksmith as a door opening service when they are locked out. In fact, locksmiths provide many other security services and many people do not realise the value and proficiency of a locksmith in different situations when it comes to security.

There are various situations when you should call a locksmith. Below are the most common reasons to call a locksmith.

Getting Locked Out Accidentally

Forgetting your keys inside is a major inconvenience that will happen to most people at one point or another. Realising there is no way of getting inside while standing in front of your door can be nerve-wracking, especially after running errands during a hectic day or arriving with your groceries or laptop bag in hand.

If you do not have a spare key or will have to wait for several hours until someone you know arrives with your spare key, don’t panic. The best solution is to call a local locksmith. They come as quickly as possible directly to your door. A good local locksmith will make it a less stressful situation, and get you back inside your home in no time, whilst providing security information.

Broken or Stolen Keys

Occasionally, keys can become broken and this can be for a number of reasons. Firstly, the majority of keys are constructed of soft metals such as nickel or brass. If enough pressure is applied to soft metals, they are likely to break. Another reason is weather-related, this means that in warm or humid weather your door may bend or warp, meaning when you go to use your key it breaks in the lock. Whatever the reason is, it’s time to call a local locksmith. In these cases, especially when the key is snapped in the lock itself, it is usually very tricky as you will need specialist tools to help you, which is best left with a professional locksmith.

Stolen keys can happen knowingly and unknowingly; it is very stressful either way. Whether you know you left your keys somewhere or the keys slipped have fallen out of your pocket or bag without noticing, you will likely have trouble coming up with answers to all questions in your head such as “where did I leave it” or “when did I last see them in my bag”. It is suggested that you immediately call a local locksmith in your area to change the locks to prevent any further distress.

Lock becoming stiff or breaking

Nowadays, locks are robust however they do break from time to time in both wooden and uPVC doors. In uPVC door, any point of the mechanism may also fail leading to difficulty using a door, or the door being locked shut, or not being able to secure your door. If your lock is becoming difficult to use, stiff or it fails completely the best course of action if to call a local locksmith who will be able to service or replace the lock.

A Burglary

A burglary is a very worrying and stressful time, and it can be difficult to know what to do. Regardless of how many valuables you may have lost, it is emotionally damaging to feel unsafe in a place you spend your most time at and it is important to note that it is nothing but very normal to feel this way.

The sooner you start taking action, the sooner you will regain your sense of control and security. After you have called the police and have reported the stolen items and they have attended the property, the best action to take is to call your local locksmith. They will not only make you feel safe by repairing any damage to your doors or windows but also prevent any other future break-ins to your home by offering further solutions to better security.

Purchasing a New House

There will probably be a lot of things on your mind when you buy a new house and you may overlook one of the most crucial aspects, which is your new home’s security. A common question people usually ask is “should I change the locks after buying a new home?” The answer to this is yes, it is vital you change the locks as soon as you can.
After all, if the locks on your house haven’t been changed and the previous owners have copies of the keys, they (or anyone they handed a spare key to) might easily break in. Always think about how many relatives the previous owners possibly have and how many copies could be out there. Should you call your locksmith? A short answer is “Definitely”. A quick security audit amid all your preparations will only be solved with professional locksmiths in your area. Failing to change the locks can sometimes also invalidate your insurance policy if there is no sign of forced entry for a break-in.

Home Security Upgrade

The world has seen several technological developments in the previous few years, and unsurprisingly home security has not been left behind. When it comes to the entry mechanism for your home, you currently have a variety of options. You can use keyless entry instead of standard locks, which can make your premises even safer. It’s in fact nearly impossible for someone to gain access using keyless entry. But, do you know how many types of keyless entry systems are there and which one will suit your needs best? It will probably be a superficial understanding. This is why you should call an experienced locksmith company in your area. They will take you on an in depth understanding and exploration journey regarding all types of systems available that will match your preferences.

Single-Key Access Installation

Also referred to as ‘keyed alike’, these types of systems mean that one key opens multiple locks in either homes or offices. Carrying many keys and remembering which ones to use to open different doors can be inconvenient, so these are a good solution in this aspect. The good news is a locksmith can be of benefit to establish single-key access in your house and help you eliminate any problems related to this issue. When in doubt in this situation, make sure to call a locksmith so your access doors can all be rekeyed securely.

Need a Locksmith?

The National Guild of Certified Locksmiths (NGCL) provides Locksmiths with a worthwhile, fully supported training and operating platform from which to operate their business. Offering them support and guidance in all areas of the industry whilst providing customers with a nationwide coverage of professional, qualified, and expert Locksmiths to deliver fully warranted solutions to their needs. If you need a locksmith call us today on 0808 169 8069.
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