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British Standard

No two locks are made the same, some a have anti intruder features, some are higher security, but it can be hard to know which Locks are the best. One way to know what security a lock holds is to look for the British Standard kitemark.


What is British Standard?

British Standard is a measure of quality that gives recognition to a product by the relevant authorities. Often signalling a higher quality product, the British Standard Kitemark can be seen stamped onto the product allowing for easy identification.


The Kitemark

The British Standard Kitemark (as pictured below) can be found imprinted on any product that matches a certain British Standard Certification.



What is the Difference Between BS and BS:EN?

BS is the abbreviation for British Standard and is localised to British territories, whereas BS:EN standards for British Standard European Norm and is applied to most European countries and the UK. So if something is BS it is generally just recognised in the UK and British territories but BS:EN is recognised by a larger number of European countries.


BS 3621

This specification of lock is to identify those that are theft-resistant and are often the minimum requirement asked for by insurance companies if they have lock requirements.

Go Compare warn that the BS3621 certification can be required by insurance policies to be the minimum security level for exterior wooden doors.


TS007: 2012

Another certification that is common is the TS007, this specification is often used alongside the British Standard Kitemark to provide high security products. The TS007 rating is a system to ensure that you have protection against the most common methods of attack: drilling, picking, snapping, bumping and plug extraction.

Whilst other BS Kitemarked cylinders will provide your home with some resistance against some or all of these techniques, the TS007 system is the most effective way to secure your home.


What is TS007:2012

TS007 is a technical specification that uses stars and a third party identifier, most commonly the BS Kitemark, to provide a mix and match approach with interchanging cylinders and hardware to achieve a minimum level of security.

Developed by the Door & Hardware Federation and the Glass and Glazing Federation in close partnership with Secured by Design, the TS007 allows for different products to be match together in order to secure a home.

When applying the TS007 system to your home, it is always recommended to reach 3 stars overall.


TS007 Star System Explained

1 Star Rating

Mainly for lock cylinders, a lock gains this rating when the lock conforms to BS 3621:2007 and meets the requirements of BS EN 1303:2005.


2 Star Rating

Mostly for hardware, a 2 star rating is given to hardware that offers protections equivalent to the PAS 24 test and where applicable is tested in line with the European handle standard EN 1906:2010.


3 Star Rating

To gain a 3 star rating a lock must meet the requirements of the 1 star rating and provide protection against attack, similar to the PAS 24 cylinder test, without any protective hardware.


How Does TS007 Work?

With TS007, you want to reach a minimum of 3 stars. You can do this by mix and matching different security products.

As pictured in the diagram below, when you pair a 1 star cylinder with 2 star security hardware you have an overall security rating of 3 stars, meeting the TS007 standard. You can also just have the 3 star cylinder on its own as it has been rigorously tested for security and protection against intruders. If you were to combine a 3 star cylinder with 2 star hardware, you reach an overall star rating of 5 – which is the highest you can gain.