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DBS Checked Locksmiths

When calling out a Locksmith, you need to be sure that you are calling out someone that will not only do a professional job but is also trustworthy. When you call someone out to help secure your home or to change a lock, you want to be sure that they are safe to use. This is why some Locksmiths gain DBS checks.


What is a DBS Check?

A DBS check, or CRB check as it was formally known, is a way for employers to check the criminal record of an employee. Carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service, a DBS check helps to inform whether someone is suitable to work in a certain position, for example to gain entry to homes as a Locksmith.

There are different levels of DBS checks (formally CRB checks) that someone can carry out, with some types more in depth and extensive than others.


Why Would a Locksmith Have a DBS Check?

A Locksmith will have a DBS check to show customers that they are safe to use, or to join professional associations like the NGCL. With their extensive knowledge on how to gain entry to a house and how locks operate, they hold sensitive knowledge that can make some people feel uneasy. By showing that they are respectable and safe to work as a Locksmith, it helps to give customers confidence that they are calling out someone that is safe.


The Different Types of DBS Checks

There are three different types of DBS checks, a basic DBS check, a standard DBS check and an enhanced DBS check. Some serious criminal convictions and prison sentences of more than two years will stay on an individual’s criminal record whereas other less serious offenses will be removed after a set period of time, in line with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. Spent convictions are those convections that have reached their set period of time and are thus removed, whereas unspent convictions are those that have not. This is important as the different types of DBS checks will show different things and may not show all relevant information.


What is a Basic DBS Check?

A basic DBS check is a check of a criminal record which shows all convictions and cautions that are unspent. Checking for a person’s criminal history, convictions and cautions from the Police National Computer, an employer can see what may be relevant to whether a potential employee is suited for the job role.

As the lowest level a basic DBS check is available to everyone to request.


What is a Standard DBS Check?

A more in-depth check than the basic DBS check, the standard DBS check is used by employers on the applicants’ behalf to gain information on all cautions, warnings and reprimands a person has. Unlike, the basic DBS check, the standard DBS check will uncover any spent convictions.

The standard DBS check is the one which is usually required of those in roles of high responsibility.


What is an Enhanced DBS Check?

Similar to the standard DBS check, where it is only available to employers who apply for it on the applicant’s behalf, the Enhanced DBS will detail all spent and unspent cautions and convictions alongside checking the Children’s Barred List or Adult First List. The enhanced DBS check checks that an individual isn’t barred from working with children or people from vulnerable groups and can only be requested in regulated activities.


What Shows Up on a DBS Check?

A basic DBS check will show any unspent convictions or cautions that an individual will have, whereas a standard DBS check and an enhanced DBS check dive more in depth and uncover unspent and spent convictions and cautions.


Should All Locksmiths Be DBS Checked?

We here at the NGCL believe that because of the types of jobs that Locksmiths carry out and the work they do for customer’s home security, we believe that all Locksmiths should have an up to date DBS check so that customers can trust that a Locksmith is trustworthy.

Unfortunately, as the Locksmith industry is unregulated there are currently no requirements for Locksmiths to have any sort of security check so many might not have one or one that was done recently. Find out more information about the Locksmith industry and regulations.


NGCL Locksmiths and DBS Checking

We place the utmost importance on the fact that our customers can trust that our Locksmiths are some of the best in the industry and with that said, we require all of our members to undergo a basic DBS check.

Find out more about using an NGCL Locksmith here.