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How we support our Locksmith Engineers

Our NGCL Members

How we support our Locksmith Engineers in the NGCL Community

We Value our NGCL Members

The NGCL was set up to help provide stability and longevity for the locksmithing industry and create an additional support community for Locksmith Engineers. Our aim is to help Locksmiths Engineers become the best they can be and also provide ongoing support whether that be setting up a new local Locksmith business or provide ongoing support whilst out on the road. We plan to do this by providing comprehensive ongoing training, regular skills updates, access to the newest tools and parts and most importantly support and guidance.

NGCL Approved Courses

  • NGCL approved courses at the Locksmith Training Academy  are currently the highest level of accreditation available.
  • All courses are tailor made for newcomers to the industry.
  • All courses consist of small class numbers.
  • Wide range of ‘brush up’ courses available.

The training courses offered by the Locksmith Training Academy are currently the highest level of accreditation in the industry. The courses are taught by industry professionals and are tailor made to help newcomers to the locksmithing trade start their career off with a high skill level, and ongoing support provided after training. All NGCL approved Locksmith courses consist of small class numbers, so all students can have the level of guidance they need to learn and improve their skills. The NGCL also offer a range of ‘brush up’ courses so Locksmith Engineers can keep up with the ever advancing demands of home security.

Expert Support

  • NGCL members have access to support 24/7.
  • Expert Locksmiths available to give advice.
  • Support to complete a job to a high standard.

All members of the NGCL community have access to 24 hour support 7 days a week. We have fully qualified Locksmiths working in our head office who are available day and night if Engineers ever need some extra support, whether that be on site or advice for future jobs. It is important that when first starting out in the locksmithing industry, Engineers have the confidence to carry out jobs alone. By providing round the clock support, this can help gain confident in the work they are carrying out and also instil confidence in the customer that the work is being completed to the highest standard.

NGCL Member Perks

  • Advanced or Elite members get discounted course rates.
  • Training courses are the most up-to-date in the country.
  • Members have support in ordering stock and tools and a discounted carriage charge.

Advanced or Elite members of the NGCL have discounted access to ‘brush up’ courses. The locksmithing industry is constantly changing, and the most successful Locksmiths will move with the times and hone their skills to understand the more advanced security systems that are now being used in homes. By being an Elite or Advanced member of the NGCL Engineers get support to help ensure future success of their business, as we provide some of the most up to date training courses in the country. The NGCL also help with stock and tooling, by providing preferential parts pricing, a parts ordering service and discounted carriage charge.

Other Benefits of NGCL Membership

  • The NGCL do more than just help and support.
  • Members have access to expert marketing team.
  • The NGCL will support our member’s online presence.

The NGCL is not just here to help with training and support, but also to provide a higher volume of work. We have an expert and extensive marketing team who work hard to help every engineer gain more work. By joining the NGCL you can access support in advertising. Now that the Yellow Pages are no longer in circulation more customers are turning to the internet to find a Locksmith. This change means the majority of advertising has moved online. The NGCL is committed to supporting our members’ online presence.

So, if you are looking for support in launching a new locksmithing business or support in improving and maintaining an existing business then being part of the NGCL is a wise decision. The NGCL will support you in all areas of your business, whether that is with advertising, training or stock and toolingapproved

Benefits of being a member of the NGCL

24hr Technical Support

Verified NGCL Member

Access to Regular Industry News and Updates

Discounted Courses for Advanced Training

Discounted NGCL Clothing

Discounted Carriage Charges

Being Part of a Trusted National Industry Association

Preferential Parts Pricing

Free NGCL Van Stickers

Access to Local Work!

Full Parts Ordering Service

Access to a Dedicated Industry Forum

Why the NGCL?

The NGCL was set up and is run by long time Locksmith Engineers; it’s because of this we know that we need to take care of our Locksmith Engineers. The NGCL provides a level of support that can help a Locksmith Engineer make the most of their career. The NGCL provides 24/7 support that allows our members to access help on site at any time, so Locksmith Engineers can go about their business with the confidence of knowing we are here to back them up whenever they need.

Our founder Chris has over 35 years’ experience in the Locksmithing industry and has a vision to support other Locksmith Engineers by sharing a collective knowledge. At the NGCL our aim is to help provide stability and add some regulation to locksmithing. The only way we will be able to do that is to take care of our Locksmith Engineers by providing training, support and ongoing opportunities for the future.

Led by our founder Chris, we have several expert Locksmiths and Locksmith trainers working here at the NGCL. What makes us the most qualified to provide some regulation within the Locksmith industry is out wealth of knowledge and desire to see our Locksmith Engineers to flourish. The NGCL is providing some of the most up to date training in the country and this means we can help the lockmsithing industry grow and improve.

The NGCL was set up to stabilise the locksmithing industry and provide Locksmith Engineers with a support platform to access support for their business. By providing some of the best training in the country, allowing for 24/7 support and by exposing Locksmith Engineers to more work, we can help Locksmith Engineers to boost their business and improve their skills.

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