uPVC Window and Door Repairs

Find out about the NGCL’s uPVC specialists

uPVC Window and Door Repairs

Find out about the NGCL’s uPVC specialists

uPVC Window Lock and Doors Repairs Page

With an increasing number of people installing uPVC doors into their homes, the NGCL has made sure that all our Locksmiths are uPVC specialists. Whether your door has become jammed, the multipoint locking system has failed or you need the hinge replaced, our fully accredited NGCL Locksmiths will aim to get it sorted in the first visit. However if a specialist part is needed, then we can order that in for you and aim to be back within 24 hours. It is our guarantee that we will always leave you secure.


As uPVC specialists our Locksmith Engineers are fully trained in the following areas:

Change and replace your locks

On the rare occasion you may need your multipoint locking system replaced it is likely that the Locksmith would have to order that part in as this would not be a part of the stock that they would carry aboard so would therefore be classed as a specialist part.

This is a more standard procedure; you will need your cylinder replaced if you lose your key, have a break in or move house. If you have a standard door then it’s more than likely the Locksmith will have a replacement cylinder in his van. Your cylinder should be able to be changed then and there.

The multi-point locking system inside a uPVC door requires you to pull up the door handle to be able to lock it. Because this handle may be in use several times a day, it is susceptible to wear and tear. Should your handle start to rust or the spindles start to become worn, a NGCL Locksmith will be able to repair or replace it for you.

NGCL Locksmiths are fully trained to be able to install additional security measures such as letterbox guards, door viewers, door chains and much more. If you want to feel more secure, especially if you have recently been broken in to, then speak the Locksmith about these extra security measures and they will be able to advise you.

As an extra service when you employ the services of a NGCL Locksmith, we offer a FREE home security check whilst onsite so that if you are concerned with the security of your property our Locksmiths will be able to assist you and make suggestions to improve the security of your home.

Just like uPVC doors, uPVC windows might need a bit of TLC. Windows can be a weak point that burglars take advantage of and are often used to break into a property as much as doors are. A NGCL Locksmith can service your uPVC window locks and make sure you’re secure.

If you are interested in getting some window restrictors to make your windows more secure then talk to one of our Locksmith. These nifty little devices mean that even if your window is forced open there is not enough space for a person to fit through. They will also act as deterrents for any potential burglars looking through your window.

Making sure the hinges on your doors are strong and sturdy is a must. If they are loose, old or rusting then it makes it easier for a burglar to kick your door down. NGCL Locksmiths will offer you a free home security check and will check if your hinges are up to standard and will keep you secure.

If you have been broken into then a NGCL Locksmith will be able to board up any broken windows and make you secure again. However, it is important that police have attended the scene first and have given you permission to have a Locksmith come out to your property. Our Locksmiths will only use the highest grade ply wood to secure your home giving you peace of mind that you are not vulnerable to another break in. If your door has been forcibly entered and broken into, you may need a whole new door. However a NGCL Locksmith may be able to repair the door, frame and any windows or at the very least will be able to make you secure for the time you are waiting for your new door.

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