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Training to become a Locksmith

The Locksmith industry is diverse and varied, covering a wide range of different areas within both the domestic and commercial markets. The Locksmith industry is never short of work, and a trained, professional Locksmith is always in demand for the service and quality they can provide to a customer. Not only are there always people moving home, locks malfunctioning and handles breaking, but the undeniable fact is that people will always need a Locksmith due to lost keys and lock outs. This means there is always a demand for a qualified Locksmith.


Do I have to take a course to become a Locksmith?

Currently, the Locksmith industry is unregulated. This means that anyone can become a Locksmith and start trading without the need for formal training. There is no official governing body that regulates the standards of those who operate within the industry.

However, with the knowledge, experience and detail that are required to become a professional Locksmith, we strongly advise that a formal Locksmith course is undertaken as to receive proper training that will allow you to become an excellent Locksmith. There are many different Locksmith courses on the market, ranging from many who offer accreditations and the select few who offer the official qualification.

It is also important to remember that any Locksmith associations, such as the NGCL, have requirements of memberships which will often require proof of formal training. This is so associations are assured that they will be promoting highly skilled Locksmiths that provide excellent services to customers, therefore we cannot stress the importance of formal Locksmith training if you are looking to enter the industry.


What Locksmith Training Courses are there?

With Keytek® Locksmith Academy, you can choose between a wide range of Locksmith courses including one of the only Locksmith Qualifications currently in the industry.  We suggest using Keytek® Locksmith Academy due to their state-of-the-art facilities, high quality course content and expertise in the Locksmith industry. Whether you are a Locksmith looking to learn some new skills or are looking to start up your Locksmith business, Keytek® can provide you with the training you need.

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The Official Locksmith Qualification

The Level 3 Locksmith Diploma is currently the only officially recognised Locksmith qualification within the industry and is the highest certificate that you can obtain. This qualification is facilitated through Highfield and is offered by selected training centres such as Keytek® Locksmith academy.

The qualification encompasses 14 separate units, that detail everything needed to become a Locksmith followed by a period of distanced learning where you compile evidence to complete your qualification. The select training centres that offer this qualification will have slight variations in teaching methods and length of training, so it is always best to contact the training centre for more information.


Locksmith Accreditations

There are many different accreditations for Locksmithing currently offered at different sites across the UK, the highest accreditation currently offered is Level 4. Keytek® Locksmith Academy offers the Level 4 accreditation at their training centre and has gained approved centre status through the NCFE.

An all-inclusive Locksmith training accreditation, like the one offered at Keytek® academy, offers newcomers to the industry a chance to learn all essential units to become a Locksmith. There are different courses across the UK that offer different levelled accreditations, however we strongly suggest that if you are considering a Locksmith accreditation then look to complete one that is at least a Level 3 if not Level 4.

The difference between Level 3 and Level 4 is that you will be trained to a higher standard in Level 4, provided a wider variety of knowledge and experience and will walk away with the highest accreditation currently in the industry. A good thing to keep in mind is that if you are looking to join a national Locksmith company or an association then they look upon a higher accreditation more favourably.


Locksmith Courses and The NGCL

As a part of our Advanced and Elite Memberships, we have partnered with Keytek® Locksmith Academy to offer our members discounted ‘brush up’ courses to support Locksmiths in reaching their full potential and to keep up to date with all the latest techniques and equipment.

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