Our Customers

Our Customers

Founded to provide customers protection and peace of mind when calling out a Locksmith, we are committed to providing support to customers in sometimes stressful and emergency situations. We understand that needing a Locksmith is not an everyday occurrence and people may need some guidance when picking a Locksmith to ensure they receive a fair service.

Our purpose is to provide stability to the Locksmith industry by providing standardisation and accountability. We aim to do this by training our Locksmith, continually assessing them, and offering constant support which allows for trust to be built that you will be receiving the best service.


The NGCL Vision

  • Provide a safe space where customers are provided a professional, friendly, and expert service.

  • All customers can trust in the knowledge that NGCL Locksmiths are trustworthy, reliable and efficient.

  • To continually gather feedback to improve services and procedures, to the benefits of not only the customer but also Locksmiths.

  • To support Locksmiths whilst protecting customers


Why Choose The NGCL?

Vetted, Accredited and DBS Checked

We thoroughly vet our prospective members before they can join our ranks, including the successful completion of a DBS check. This allows us to proudly demonstrate how professional, accredited and trustworthy our members are and to provide a guarantee of the expertise our Locksmiths pass onto our customers.

All this means that you are not going to find a Locksmith that is more qualified than a NGCL Locksmith.


Trained Locksmiths

The NGCL offers access to one of the most advanced and extensive training courses in the country, including the industry’s first Locksmith qualification.

Our training courses are among the best in the country and offer Locksmiths a chance to train to the highest industry level possible. This means that when calling out an NGCL Locksmith, they are the best of the best and will always be qualified for the job. You can rest assured you will not be hiring a ‘cowboy’ who could damage your locks and leave your home falling short of insurance requirements.


NGCL Locksmiths are up to date with Advanced Security

With the security industry constantly changing, we offer the advancement and improvement of techniques to our Locksmiths through our various ‘brush up courses’, allowing our members to continually grow with the industry to ensure that the best service is always provided.


Assessed and Monitored

We continually assess our Locksmiths regularly to assure our customers that our members skills remain up to our standards, allowing us to safeguard our customers and provide them the most effective and efficient service.

We thoroughly encourage active feedback from our customers to ensure that they walked away feeling that they had received the best service possible.


Fully supported and Backed

All NGCL Locksmiths have access to support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At NGCL head office we have fully qualified Locksmiths who can provide help and technical support if a Locksmith is ever stuck on a job. We offer this service not only to reassure our Locksmiths, but also to give customers confidence that a job will be completed to a high-quality standard and that they will always be left secure.

By doing all of this, the NGCL hopes to take the uncertainty out of finding a Locksmith and hopefully provides a governing body that both Locksmiths and customers can depend on to protect their interests.

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