Meet the Team

Meet the Team

We here at the NGCL are industry professionals, with extensive experience that not only will support Locksmiths technically but within their business ventures as well.  Our ethos to strive to support Locksmiths and protect customers is central to our support system and procedures, ensuring that everyone receives the best service possible.

Whether you are a Locksmith looking for support for your business, or a customer looking for some reassurance of the reliability of your Locksmith, we are here to help. We support the stability of the Locksmith industry and provide reassurance to customers that they will receive an expert Locksmith in an unregulated industry. Not only does this allow the best Locksmiths to shine through as they have met our rigorous entry standards but also provides trust to our customers.

Our story starts over 20 years ago, with one man and a Locksmith van, where our Director Chris learnt all the tools of the trade working in the Locksmith industry. He founded the NGCL with the inspiration to provide support and share knowledge amongst his fellow Locksmiths. This initial concept has now flourished into what the NGCL is today, where Locksmiths receive the support they deserve, and customer can call a Locksmith with a guarantee of expert service.

Our Expert Team

NGCL Internal Exam Moderator 


Kim is an experienced Locksmith and the NGCL’s internal moderator.

Head Locksmith Trainer

Head Trainer Tom and the technical team are on hand 24/7 to provide expert Locksmith support whilst onsite. As a professionally trained Locksmith and Head Trainer, Tom is up to date on the latest practices and techniques to offer an efficient solution to any problem.


NGCL Support Team


Our community support team are on hand to answer questions from Locksmiths and customers alike, dealing with queries ranging from how to best utilise social media for a Locksmith company, to customer ETAs for the Locksmiths arrival. Manning the phones, talking through queries, recruiting new expert Locksmiths and providing all round expert support, our community support team are the gurus to talk to for anything concerning The NGCL.


If you would like to contact the NGCL please don’t hesitate to call. Whatever the enquiry, query or issue we are here to help.

Supporting Locksmiths, Protecting Customers.

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