Locksmith Prices & Cost Estimates in the UK 2021

Locksmith Prices & Cost Estimates in the UK 2021

Locksmith prices will vary across company to company, job type and parts needed, meaning that it can be hard to navigate all the different factors that may affect price. Whether it is just a simple lock change, lock out or security upgrade we have created our ultimate guide to help you to understand the different variables of Locksmith prices.

Do keep in mind that this guide is only meant to give you a reference and provide estimates and does not reflect a price that you are guaranteed to pay; it is impossible to offer a guaranteed price until there is a Locksmith at your door. However, with that being said any Locksmith that you do call out should make it clear how they carry out their prices and should be able to give you an estimated cost before coming out to you.

All prices are based on estimates from recent UK Locksmith jobs (last updated January 2021) and if you would like a more accurate estimate call our expert team on 01202 013577.


How much does it cost to hire a Locksmith?

The type of job, parts required, and time of day are all factors that will affect Locksmith prices. For example, should you be looking to simply change your locks after moving into a new home at 2pm you can expect to pay less than an emergency lock out at 11pm.

Locksmith Job TypeEstimated Price
Mortice Lock ReplacementMortice lock prices can start at £45* which would then be added to an hourly labour rate.
Euro Cylinder ReplacementEuro cylinder prices can start at £25* which would then be added to an hourly labour rate.
Emergency Boarding UpUpwards of £200 depending on the amount of damage.
Complete Property Lock ChangeUpwards of £300 dependent on the number of doors, windows, and external locks on the property.

*Lock prices are subject to size, make and model


How much does a Locksmith charge per hour?

The hours between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, are ‘normal working hours’ therefore you can expect to pay an estimated £89 as an hourly labour rate. However, the time of day will have an impact on the hourly labour rate with premiums being charged at weekends and in the evenings outside of the normal working hours.


Locksmith Prices: what can affect them?

Date and Time

The hour of the day will have an impact on the hourly labour rate that a Locksmith will charge, a premium is often charged for inconvenient times such as late at night. Therefore, don’t expect to be charged the same at 3am that you would be at 3pm.


Lock Type and Brand

Different lock sizes, brands and models all come with their own pricing, this can be dependent on the rarity of the lock, the security that the lock holds and the type of door or window that it secures. A Locksmith should always arrive to site with a fully stocked van to offer you options on which lock type you would like as a replacement, should you choose a higher security model you can expect to pay more than a lower security model.

The NGCL Locksmith code of conduct states that we will always replace like for like or higher, meaning that when we replace a part is it always with the same security level as the part that is being replaced or higher as not to compromise the security level of your property. Therefore, you should consider that if you currently have a high security part, the cost of the part we install will be more expensive as we will match that security.

Do keep in mind that even though a Locksmith might arrive with a fully stocked van, should you have a unique or specialist part that wouldn’t normally be carried on board that part might need to be ordered in and therefore the job might require multiple visits.


Size and type of Job

Most Locksmiths will charge by the hour, and in situations where only a single lock needs to be changed, you can be fairly confident that it will be completed within an hour. However, a larger job with multiple locks on different doors and windows will require more time to complete therefore you may need to budget and consider 2 or 3 hours worth of labour. Similarly, if a part is required that is not carried on board and needs to be ordered in, multiple visits will be required meaning you may be charged another hourly labour rate.

Should you be locked out or a key has snapped and there is no need for parts, you will only have to consider the labour rate for the Locksmith’s time.



Services that require the use of parts to be replaced will be more expensive than services that do not. Locks that have been snapped or damaged beyond repair will require the installation of new parts, and therefore be more expensive than a simple lock out.


Locksmith Changing Door Lock and handle with power drill


Changing door locks prices 2021


Door TypeLock TypeEstimated Price of Parts*
uPVCCylinder Replacement£30+
uPVCMulti-point Locking Mechanism£60+
WoodenYale Cylinder Replacement£20+
WoodenComplete Yale Replacement£40+
WoodenMortice Lock Replacement (2-3 Lever)£25+
WoodenMortice Lock Replacement (5 lever)£45+

*These prices can vary and are only an estimate. The exact cost of the lock will depend on size, make, and model.

uPVC Door Locks

The most common lock on a uPVC door is a Euro cylinder and is often partnered with a multi-point locking system. The most cost-effective repair service on a uPVC door is a cylinder change which can be done without changing the entire mechanism. On average a Euro cylinder can cost an estimated £45, varying depending on size, make and model.

Visit our uPVC window and door repair page for more information.


Wooden Door Locks

Night Latch

Often described as a ‘Yale Lock’, the night-latch sits on the top portion of a wooden door and is often accompanied by a mortice lock that sits in the middle of the door. If a night-latch needs to be changed for security purposes, it will only be the internal cylinder that needs to be replaced which is more cost effective, whereas replacing the entire night-latch is a more costly process but may be necessary.


Mortice Locks

Mortice locks can start around £45, but can increase in price depending on size, make or model. British Standard versions are more expensive, but they are a requirement on insurance policies for all external wooden doors.


How to reduce Locksmith costs

If it isn’t an emergency service that you require, we suggest booking a time with a Locksmith within working hours to ensure that the labour rate will be the most cost effective for your situation. Unfortunately there aren’t any hints and tricks to reducing Locksmith costs, at the end of the day having the right security on your locks is more important than saving a few pennies, so we always recommend that you take the time to consider the right make and models for you to ensure that your home is protected.

You may be tempted to do the work yourself, but we strongly advise against this if you are not a trained Locksmith. If you carry out work on your property it can invalidate your insurance policy as most have terms and conditions where you are required to get certain work done by a professional rather than DIY. With such a varied array of locks on the market, identifying the correct lock without proper training is not advised as if it’s the wrong lock it can compromise the security of your property.


How much does an emergency Locksmith cost?

You can expect to pay an estimated £89 as an hourly labour charge + any parts if they are required + VAT.

Overall an emergency Locksmith should be similar in price to a regular Locksmith but just with a quicker response time.


Locksmith repairing upvc lock

Emergency Locksmith prices and costs

If you ever find yourself in need of an emergency Locksmith, it can be difficult to know whether the cost is justified, however it is important to remember that the cost of an emergency Locksmith is always dependent on a few different factors such as: time, type of emergency, type of lock etc.


Type of Job

An emergency job can consist of something as simple as a lock out or a more serious occasion such as securing a property after a burglary, either way you want someone to be attending to you as soon as possible. Like any other Locksmith service, if you simply need to gain entry then you will only be charged a labour rate + VAT whereas if you need to completely replace a component you will be charged the labour rate + the parts supplied + VAT. The latter would be the more expensive service.


Time and Date

Apart from any potential traffic in your area, the time of the job shouldn’t be that much of a factor in how quickly a Locksmith will come out to you, but if you call on someone in unsociable hours you will most likely be charged a premium. Calling out a Locksmith at 10am will cost less than calling them out at 10pm. Likewise, calling out a Locksmith on a Bank Holiday Monday is going to be more expensive then calling them out a day later on the Tuesday.


Call Out Charge

Some Locksmiths might charge a call out fee just to come out to the property, regardless of whether they can fix the problem or not when they arrive. Choosing a service with this charge can work out much more expensive as if they can’t fix the problem you will still need to pay them and then call out someone else, or if they do fix the problem the call out charge is added to the overall price.

The NGCL doesn’t charge a call out fee, no matter what time of day we attend. When using a private Locksmith it is always a good idea to ask whether they charge a call out fee and how much it may be.


Why might an emergency Locksmith cost more?

Emergency Locksmiths are most commonly needed outside of sociable hours, where you do not have the time to wait for it to be fixed or you need to quickly gain access to your property. This means that a premium is usually charged for an out of hours call out and quick response.

For more information about emergency Locksmith services, visit our emergency Locksmith dedicated page.


Emergency Boarding up

If you are in the unfortunate situation where you have been burgled and doors and windows have been broken and damaged beyond repair, you may need an emergency boarding up service. The labour cost for a Locksmith to board up any doors or windows will be the same as any other Locksmith service, but what you will need to consider is the cost of the plywood needed to board up the effected areas and the cost to repair the doors or windows in question.

You will also need to budget for a few hours of labour, as a Locksmith would need to attend the site first for measurements and then would need time to properly install and secure the plywood. You could be looking at upwards of £200 for a boarding up service depending on the amount of material needed, time of day etc.


Locksmith Prices & Cost Estimates in the UK 2021

Questions you should be asking your Locksmith

Some companies will give you an all-in price; others will give you a breakdown of the different elements of the overall cost, both of which will only ever be estimates until you have a Locksmith on site. Before calling anyone out you should always understand the elements of the quote, they are giving you.

Different Locksmiths will have different meanings of what their labour cost covers and does not cover. It is best to always be clear as to what is included when labour cost is explained.

Some Locksmiths charge a call out charge just to attend the property regardless of whether they can fix the problem or not, always ask up front whether they have a call out charge to avoid an unexpected addition later down the line.

It is near impossible to give an exact quote without seeing the issue in person, purely because it is not possible to guarantee the work that will be needed over the phone. Therefore, most Locksmiths should give you a detailed estimated quote to help give the best guidance possible before calling them out. A guaranteed fixed price could lead to unexpected costs down the road if situations are not included in the guarantee, so it is always best to double check.

Different makes and models of locks have different prices, and the overall cost of the job will depend on what is needed for your door or window. There are many variables that can occur when attending a job, but a good Locksmith should always keep you updated with developments as they happen.

The NGCL operate on the regulations that a customer’s security is always the priority; therefore, whatever parts we install will always be to the same security or higher as the one we are replacing. This may not be the case across all Locksmiths so it is always useful to understand the security level you will get from replaced parts and how it might affect you.

In the rare case that the correct part isn’t carried onboard, what are the procedures that will ensure that your home is secure? In the rare case that this happens on a NGCL job, the part is ordered to arrive within 48 hours, if not sooner, and your property is secured until our engineer can come back to fit the correct part. For your peace of mind, it is always better to understand all the possibilities and how they will be dealt with.

Some Locksmith can take cash, cards and cheques, some others might only take cash or cards, and some don’t take cheque. Always discuss the payment terms before calling someone out so you’re able to plan out how you will pay and create the simplest way to complete the job.

If something was to go wrong with a new lock, or unfortunately it turns out to be faulty, what guarantees will you have that it will be sorted? We at The NGCL offer a full year guarantee on any parts supplied, so should they not be working correctly we will come out free of charge to sort it out.

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