uPVC Window Lock and Doors Repairs

uPVC Window Lock and Doors Repairs

All NGCL Locksmiths are experts in uPVC door and windows, which are now the most common across the UK, and are equipped to deal with a multitude of scenarios to provide a solution for any issue. Whether a lost key, hinge replacement, failed locking system or jammed door, an accredited NGCL Locksmith can arrive at the scene with a fully stocked van, equipped for any situation and will always look to complete the job on the initial visit.

With a wide range of locks to choose from, when replacing a lock on site we will always supply a new lock or mechanism that matches the security of the one that needs to be replaced. This policy means that even with a new part provided, the security of your home is maintained, and can be increased should you require a higher security system.

As uPVC specialist our Locksmith Engineers are fully trained in the following areas:


Cylinder change

This service is quite common and is often the service provided when you have lost keys, been broken into, have moved into a new home or if the door lock loses function. With a fully stocked van, a cylinder change often can be done in a single visit and with ease from our professional NGCL Locksmiths.


Upgrading multipoint locking systems

On the rare occasion it may be necessary for the multipoint locking system to be replaced. Should this be the case, a NGCL Locksmith can facilitate this service, however as a specialist part it is likely that the correct part will need to be ordered in. This type of service will usually require 2 visits.


Handle replacement

Installed on most uPVC doors is a Euro cylinder and multipoint locking system, where to lock the frame you will need to pull up the door handle to engage the system. In this case the handle is an essential part of the locking system, but unfortunately due to everyday use a door handle is susceptible to wear and tear. Should you encounter an issue with your door handle, an expert NGCL Locksmith is able to repair or replace it for you with ease.


Locksmith repair door lock

Additional security fitment

NGCL Locksmiths are expertly trained and experienced in all security products, including letterbox guards, door viewers, door chains and sash jammers. Should you be looking for extra security, an NGCL Locksmith is fully versed in different security products where they can tailor suggestions to improve your home security.


uPVC window Security

uPVC Window security is as important as door security but is often overlooked. Windows can be a weak point which burglars could take advantage of, and therefore uPVC window security is important to consider. NGCL Locksmiths can service, repair, and replace uPVC window locks to ensure that the security is maintained, and your property is secured.


Window restrictors

If you are interested in window restrictors to make your windows more secure, our expert Locksmiths can aid in securing your windows. Window restrictions are useful devices that restrict your window being forced open for someone to fit through. This restrictor unfortunately will not stop a window being forced open; it does however stop a person being able to fit through and acts as deterrents for any potential burglars looking through your window.


Hinge replacements

Ensuring the hinges on your doors are strong and sturdy is a must. If they are loose, old, or rusting it can make it easier for a burglar to kick your door down. NGCL Locksmiths will offer you a free home security check and will check if your hinges are up to standard and will keep you secure.


Emergency Boarding up

If you have unfortunately experienced a burglary, you may need to have any broken windows or doors boarded up to make your property secure again. Emergency boarding up is a service that all NGCL Locksmiths can provide, however it is important that you contact the police and allow them to attend the scene to collect evidence before calling out a Locksmith.

NGCL Locksmiths only use the highest-grade plywood to secure your home, so that you can have peace of mind that your property is secured. As plywood will need to be supplied, a Locksmith will need to attend the site first to measure the windows or doors that need to be boarded over, and then will have to revisit to install the plywood.

If your door has been forcibly entered and broken, you may need a whole new door. However, an NGCL Locksmith may be able to repair the door, frame, and any windows, at the very least they will be able to make you secure for the time you are waiting for your new door.

uPVC Window Lock and Doors Repairs

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