June 1, 2021 | KimElliott | Blog

Should you Change your Locks after a Break In?


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The short answer is…yes. But you might not understand the reasons why or why it is so important that you do change your locks after you have had a break in. To make sure that your home is properly secure, make sure you hire a professional locksmith to do any lock changed or repairs.


Peace of Mind

You are likely to feel uneasy after someone breaks into your house; it’s not nice to think of someone going through your personal things. It may make you feel better to know that your doors are now secure with new locks that nobody else has the keys to. You also might take the opportunity to install some extra security measures such as a sash jammer, high security locks and window locks.


Insurance requirements

Some insurance companies require you to change the locks when you first move into the property. This is the same if you’ve experienced a break-in. You might find that your home insurance may be invalidated if you don’t change them. This means that if you get broken into again and there is no sign of forced entry then your insurance company might not pay out. We would advise looking at your insurance policy to make sure that you are in-line with their requirements.


It will make your House Secure Again

Even if the intruder broke in through the window or back door, there is no way of knowing that they didn’t copy your key whilst they were inside your house. So even if there was no damage to the locks, then you should still get them changed. You can choose to install anti-pick and anti-snap locks, to add some extra security.


What Else to do After a Break-In

After a break-in, before doing anything else, you need to phone the police and get a crime number. A locksmith cannot attend your property until the police have been to collect evidence.

Add extra security measures to your home; a burglar alarm, letterbox guard or security cameras. To find out more about extra home security, go to our Home Security Page.

It’s also worth making an inventory of what has been taken before you inform your insurance company of the loss. This way you can stop any delays in making your claim.