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How to Choose the Right Locksmith

What’s the Reason You Need a Locksmith

Whether you’re locked out, need a lock changed or just need some adjustments done to your door, ensuring that you know what services you would like from the Locksmith will help you to choose which Locksmith is going to suit you best.


The Closet Locksmith

Choosing the closest Locksmith to you might seem like a good idea, especially when in an emergency but that might not always be the case. A thing to consider is that most Locksmiths are mobile, meaning that they will carry all of their tools in a van and drive around to different jobs throughout the day. Although choosing a local Locksmith is vital to ensure that you get a quick response, the closest one is not always the best choice and you should always take other things such as their price, their services, and their reviews into account if you have the time.


Research Locksmith Services

This is where knowing what Locksmith service you will need is important as some speciality services aren’t offered by all Locksmiths. Should you be looking to open a safe most domestic Locksmiths will have experience with small or medium domestic safes and can provide opening services, however if you have a commercial safe or a larger floor mounted safe a Locksmith that advertises as a safe specialist might be better than just a general Locksmith as they will have more extensive training with different types of safes and be able to offer you a more relevant service.


Find How Much the Locksmith Will Charge

When speaking to a Locksmith they most likely will not be able to provide you with an all in price or exact cost until they have arrived on site and seen the problem, they should however be able to provide you with an estimated quote for the job on the phone. For example, when you call out a NGCL Locksmith we ask a few questions to help diagnose the problem and can provide a rough estimate on how much the job should approximately cost.

For better explanations of Locksmith pricing and estimates please read our Locksmith Pricing Guide.


Make Sure to Read Reviews

Reviews are very important when understanding whether a company is reputable or not. If you have a bit of time before you need to call out a Locksmith, we always suggest reading a few reviews to get a better understanding of the Locksmith’s services and quality. Now, reviews as a whole need to be taken with a pinch of salt but generally they leave a very clear picture of the company that can help influence your decision.

Independent review websites, such as Google, Trustpilot and Yell, are very useful to understand past customers experiences.


What Does an Accredited Locksmith Mean?

All NGCL Locksmiths are fully accredited and are professional Locksmiths, but what does this mean actually? A Locksmith gaining an accreditation means that they have received officially recognised Locksmith training to gain credentials. So, when we say all of our Locksmiths are accredited, they have received at least a Level 3 Locksmith accreditation from an approved independent training centre where they pass an assessment of taught Locksmith skills. Training centres and their Locksmith courses are approved by regulating bodies such as NCFE to ensure that those training are being taught to high standards.


Quality and Trust Indicators

Currently there are no regulations for the Locksmith industry which means that anyone can advertise their services as a Locksmith, no matter their training, expertise, or intention. This means that it can sometimes be concerning that you never know whether the company you are calling out is truly a professional Locksmith. However, there are a few indicators that you can look for to know that a Locksmith you are calling out is credible. Trading associations, such as the NGCL, Which Trusted Trader and CheckATrade, have high entry requirements that Locksmiths must meet in order to join the association. Memberships for these associations will often indicate that a Locksmith is a professional and has high standards. Look for indicators like these to understand what standards a Locksmith might have.

Find out more about NGCL Members and our standards of membership.