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Home Security Tips on a Budget


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When it comes to home security, you want to make sure you are as safe as possible, however, you may not have the finances for a high-tech security system or gadgets. Good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep yourself and your property safe. We’ve gathered some effective low-cost security measures you can use to secure your home in this blog!


Apply House Safety Habits

A very important, but completely free, step is to establish some safety habits or rules. These can include where to put your house key once you are back home, how to open the door to strangers, or how to secure items in your garden.


Find a Home for Your Keys

Most of the time, people will innocently lose their keys by misplacing them, so having some habits for where to put your keys can help to minimise the risk of losing them. Likewise, if you do lose them, you know the first place to check!


Opening the Door to Strangers

Setting some safer habits for when someone knocks at your door is also a good thing to put in practice, especially if you have children.  Having set rules where children might not answer the door or asking who’s there before opening the door, helps to make your home that bit safer. Whilst it’s not as common some would be burglars will knock on the door to see what kind of security someone might have and if someone is just home alone.

You could also install a door chain to help restrict your door when you open it. It’s an affordable and effective measure that means that you can open the door without exposing your home.


Securing Your Garden

Gardening tools and furniture can give burglars an opportunity to gain access to your home in ways that you might have considered. So, if you are doing work in the garden or have anything just lying around be sure to set some rules that they need to be locked away in a shed or placed somewhere out of sight.


Lock your Doors and Windows

Very simple, yet always forgotten. Locking your door should always be on your mind!

Lock your door and window security cheap budget-friendly UK

You should always lock your doors and windows when you leave the house and even if you are at home! It’ s surprising to learn that more than ¾ of burglars will gain access to a home through a door but that 1 out of 3 of those doors are unlocked!

You should never leave doors and windows unlocked, and if you have home insurance you could actually be invalidating your policy if someone doesn’t use force to enter your home.


Cheap Security Measures

If you are willing to spend just few quid to deter burglars away, here are some affordable security measures you can consider:


Alarm Stickers

Even if you don’t have an alarm system in your property, you can buy an alarm warning sticker for the outdoor wall. Alarm stickers have a very noticeable design and usually in red to be more visible, sticking it near your house will certainly make a burglar make your home a less attractive target!

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Fake Outdoor Camera

Fake cameras, often referred to as dummy CCTV cameras, look exactly like a real one and even an expert thief will be less likely to take a risk on a home with a ‘security system’. It’s certainly way cheaper than a real one and will deter intruders away in the same fashion!

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Decoy Alarm

Also referred to as dummy security alarm, a decoy alarm is another option if you don’t want to spend loads on a full security alarm system. You get all of the benefits of the physical deterrent without the price tag!

Click here for different dummy security alarms or sounder bells on Amazon with some for less than £9!


Join your Local Neighbourhood Watch

A further free of charge option to help keep your home secure, especially when you are away, is to join your local neighbourhood watch. The group aims for deterring and preventing crime across your neighbourhood and is a good option to help keep your local community a bit safer too.

join local neighbourhood watch for free security on home UK

Find out your local scheme here!

Another thing you could do is to get to know your neighbours as well. They can help detect odd behaviour whilst you’re away and help to reduce your risk of becoming a target. It won’t cost you anything whilst helping to make sure your home is safer.


To sum up, home security should be an essential consideration but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Whilst there are several options to keep your home secure, being low on budget shouldn’t affect your security measurements.


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