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How to Protect Your Van from Theft


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How to protect your van from theft Locksmiths UK

Van theft hits approximately 47,000 commercial vehicles in the United Kingdom every year. Taking some extra security precautions will help to limit the likelihood of your vehicle becoming one of them, and may actually also be essential to keep your insurance valid!

Especially in the Locksmith industry where your tools are essential to your work and get carried around to jobs on a daily basis, if you haven’t fully protected your van from theft, then you could be at risk!

In this blog, we will give you some tips to help you theft proof your van!


Don’t Forget to Lock your Van

It seems obvious, yet it’s shocking how often van doors are left unlocked! Some car thieves plan their actions, while others might see an easy opportunity for theft and exploit it. Make sure you don’t give thieves the opportunity by locking your van anytime you’re not using it.


Park Responsibly

Vans that are parked alone can be bigger targets for any thief, so try to park closer to other vehicles or in more populated areas. Preferably, you should park your van in a well-lit place that is visible to CCTV (if there is any) and other cars. Even better when parking in a public place is to park near a wall or fence, which means burglars won’t be able to get access to your doors in any way.


Hide the Valuables in your Van

If you have a van or looking to get a new one, it’s probably because carry lots of items most of the time, especially being a Locksmith with your stock and tools.

Some Locksmiths use stickers as a deterrent for thieves, such as a sticker that says, “This vehicle is fitted with a GPS tracker”, to preventing becoming a target from the beginning.

If emptying all the items in the van isn’t practical for you, try parking smartly overnight (as mentioned above) to avoid becoming a potential target. It’s also better to keep track of what’s inside your van as thieves may steal one or two items and you wouldn’t notice quickly.


Enhance your Van Lock

Adding extra locks to your van will help you prevent any van theft. There are 2 main van locks we suggest if you are theft proofing your van locks:


Slamlocks will allow your van doors to be opened separately, so if you would like entry to your van’s side door, for instance, opening it with a key will not open the back door.


Because there is no spring mechanism weakness, van deadlocks prevent locks from being broken.


Additional Security Measures

Van Alarm System

The majority of vans come standard with an alarm. So, before you continue, check to see if yours has one. If you don’t already have an installed alarm, you can get one easily fitted by a specialist. Alarms will be a great asset to have in protecting your van.


Engine Mobilisers

An engine alarm immobiliser is a type of electronic security equipment that is placed to keep automobiles from being stolen. The engine immobiliser incorporates a one-of-a-kind electronic chip into the vehicle’s electronic control unit. The installation of a high-quality immobiliser stops the engine from starting without the use of the van’s key.


Check Van Insurance

Examine your insurance as completely as possible to ensure you understand the situations for which you are protected. For example, most insurance might not cover you if your van is stolen if it is left unlocked.

Check out our guide to insurance here!

how to protect your van from theft Locksmiths UK


The Most Secure Vans for Locksmiths

The Ford Transit Custom Van

It comes on top of the list when choosing a secured van to own. The Ford Transit Custom is more capable and sophisticated compared to other competitors in the market. This is due to a variety of innovative features that adds to its security.

Find out more about the Ford Transit Custom here!


Mercedes Sprinter Van

A further option to consider is the Mercedes Sprinter van. It comes with a factory immobiliser and keyless entry. Further innovative features also make it a top secured van to own!

Find out more about the Mercedes Sprinter Van here!


Fiat Fiorino Van

Fiat Fiorino is also a great option. For added protection, all doors can be shut from inside the van and independently from the front doors. When it comes to turning around corners with confidence, it’s certainly one of the greatest on the market. It feels safe and secure whether loaded or unloaded.

Find out more about the Fiat Fiorino Van here!


To sum up, van break-ins can happen all throughout the country, and there are some things you can do to make your van more secure. Make sure you secure your van with our top tips above!