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Staycation Safety


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Staycation Safety

Holidays should be a chance to rest and explore new places. Nothing will ruin your relaxation more than worrying about your personal safety and your home’s safety. Travel safety should start before you even leave your house; from making sure your personal belongings and your home are safe to brushing up on the recent Covid-19 restrictions, planning ahead and considering safety measures will help you have a successful and safe summer vacation. If you are currently planning a staycation escape this summer, make sure you follow this blogs checklist to be safe!

Secure your house

The most important yet most forgotten part amid all trip plans is how secure your house will be. In fact, burglaries tend to increase during summertime since it is the most common occasion for house owners to leave, which is why the first thing to think of is making your house looks like as if you live in it, which you can do with the following steps:

  • Stop any upcoming mail or newspaper delivery – a load of mail and newspapers are a huge hint that no one is home. If you can’t stop them, ask a trusted neighbour to pick them up for you.

  • Hire someone to look after your garden – if you are going for a long vacation, it is advised to ask someone to look after your garden as an unkempt garden gives the impression that no one is home.
  • Make sure your garden tools are put away – if a thieve passes quite often and sees your tools in their place without changing, they might understand it as a sign that no one is home.


Making sure your doors and windows are all locked should also be a top priority. If you have a garage door, make sure it is secured and locked. It might also have been a while since your last staycation, so if you have been ignoring faulty locks, it is time to call your nearest locksmith to help secure your home properly. Remember, always leave five minutes before you leave to walk around your house and check everything is locked.

Plan your staycation activities

You need to plan ahead your activities so you can not only avoid the hassle but also so you can avoid frustration towards the pandemic rules regarding your activities.

In a non-Covid-19 world, a simple tip would be to plan what each day will be like so you can have a proper time to think about your belongings everyday whereas currently, forgetting your face mask can ruin your activity. Therefore, it is always better to pack plenty of face masks as part of your activity plans for any business that will require it during your activity.

Transport safety

Travelling is an amazing experience, but not when you lose your ID or credit card. Whether you are traveling by air, sea, or land, make sure your personal belongings, including your identification cards, are as safe as possible. Therefore, you should remain alert the whole time, avoid putting your bag on the floor, and, most importantly, avoid over packing. Thieves usually know how much of a mess your mind is whilst traveling, so don’t make your valuables vulnerable and always follow the above tips.

Check cancelation policy

During the pandemic, nothing has been certain in terms of the entertainment and hospitality industries. Therefore, we recommend going for the most flexible staycation you can. Yes, restrictions are lifting, but government rules are in constant change which is why you need to always check your cancelation policy before you start your staycation! A study by CNBC discovers that 82% of people going on staycations will change plans due to the pandemic. So, check before you pay.

Where are you staying?

Does it feel safe? Is it clean? Have you read proper reviews?

There are so many questions you need to ask yourself about the place you will be staying at, particularly if it is an Airbnb home. The first should be if it feels safe or not. Trust your instincts; if it doesn’t feel safe, don’t go. The place’s social media pages, website, and plans and actions around safety are all factors for you to feel unsafe about your stay, and it is a good way to be precautious.

The Second should be if it is clean or not.  How clean you stay is can affect your health towards the whole trip, especially during Covid-19. You should dig deep to learn more about their measures of cleaning in their communal spaces and toilets. This should also be applied

Sometimes it is not enough to check all their social media pages and website and more important to read the reviews. Therefore, the third should be whether you have checked the reviews. Sometimes, especially if you renting out a private place for a staycation, property images on websites like Airbnb are old, so it is best to keep an eye out on those who have recently been there and left feedback about the safety of the location or the safety of the people you are staying with.

While on Vacation:

The following are some crucial tips to consider when you are on your staycation:

  • Go contactless – if possible, go contactless! It is the safest way to avoid stolen money and easier to carry. If contactless is unavailable, don’t take out more money than you what you will need.

  • Have a copy of your passport – if it’s a trip abroad, make sure you have a copy for sightseeing and activities and leave the original one in your hotel room. Don’t ever take out your passport as it is one of the most vulnerable belongings to get lost.
  • Masks and sanitisers – never forget how easy it is the virus is spread. Take your masks and sanitiser wherever you are going (even if it is a public place, sometimes it could be over crowded).


Need a Locksmith?

Locksmiths can help you in many ways while you are on your staycation. A local locksmith can help you supply, fit and repair any window or door locks. They can provide security safes to keep the valuables that you wouldn’t need on a trip safe.

Here at NGCL, all of our Locksmiths are fully accredited and DBS checked so you can ensure the job is done to the highest standard. To find more about booking a locksmith click here