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uPVC Specialists


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Fixing a upvc door

We here at The NGCL understand the struggle of waking up in the morning or coming home in the afternoon to find that your uPVC door has jammed, adding extra stress on the day that everyone can do without.

But not to worry, here at The NGCL all of our local Locksmiths are uPVC specialists. We assure that they are all fully trained and accredited on uPVC doors and windows, so no matter what your problem we can help.

Our Specialists are trained with non-destructive entry techniques, which is always our first point of call. The preservation of your property is always the top priority.


When might you need a uPVC Specialist

  • If you become locked out
  • Your door is jammed in either the locked or unlocked position
  • You require a lock change
  • You want to upgrade your current locks and/or uPVC units
  • You have been broken into


Our uPVC Specialist services

Upgrading Multipoint Locking Systems

We can upgrade or replace a multitude of components, to ensure that your uPVC doors and windows are secure. From rollers, sliders, hooks and deadbolts we can help with your broken or damaged strip.


Cylinder Changes

Any cylinder, including single, double or thumb turn we can replace or upgrade to high security locks to make certain you have the best security possible.


Handle Replacement

uPVC door handles have a tendency to break between the lever and back plate, which is then unable to be re-assembled leading to the handle needing to be replaced. We can replace your door handle or upgrade it to a higher security model depending on your preference.  We can also upgrade and replace locking handles.


uPVC Window Security

Stays, restrictors and locks are important aspects of window security. Our specialists can fit, replace or upgrade all of these components to the security level you desire.


Hinge Replacement

Any broken, damaged or out-dated hinges can be replaced or updated to the latest model.


Additional Security Fitments

Safety features such as Key Operated Shootbolts, door chains and viewers are components that our highly skilled Locksmiths can easily install, replace and upgrade for you to increase the security of your home.


Emergency Boarding up

Our Locksmiths can attend promptly, 24 hours a day, to provide this emergency service. All of our Locksmiths are DBS checked so you can be assured of the professionalism that all our engineers provide.

There is a vast range of services that our specialists can offer, so whatever your issue don’t hesitate to call Keytek® for all your uPVC needs.


How much would it cost?

We don’t charge for callouts, but rather for the Locksmiths time and if any parts are required. The price is completely dependent on the time of day, the parts required and the circumstances, so until a locksmith is at your door it is hard to estimate an exact price.

But not to fret, once you call we run through all of your details and aim to give you a complete overview of what you can expect to be charge dependent on your situation.


What if one visit isn’t enough?

When you call The NGCL, nine times out of ten our Locksmiths are able to resolve any issue on the first visit, however sometimes a specialist part is needed to repair the problem properly.

You can  rest assured that even if our specialists need to order a replacement part, it can be ordered and delivered within 24 hours*, and our specialist will come back to your property to fix your issue.

In some situations where a Multipoint locking system has been discontinued* you can trust us to source an alternative item that you are happy with to avoid the door having to be replaced.

*In the majority of circumstances