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Moving Home Security


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Did you know that a whopping 58% of people don’t change their locks when they move house? Did you also know that these people are more than half as likely to be burgled within the first 12 months of moving home? Changing locks is often overlooked by many new homeowners but the stats frighteningly highlight how vital it is to change your locks when you move!


Over half of people don’t change their locks when they move, half of these are more likely to be burgled within the first year of moving. In 2019/2020 there were over 402,000 burglaries in England and Wales alone.


Why change the locks?

When you move into a new home you have no idea how many keys are in circulation that could fall into the wrong hands. The Home Office reports that you are more than twice as likely to be burgled within the first year of moving home and three times as likely to burgled if you have been living in your home for under 10 years.

Not only are these burglary statistics scary, you could also lose a large sum of money if your locks don’t meet your insurer’s standards. Many insurers nowadays insist that homeowners locks are British Standard. If your locks do not meet these requirements your home insurance claim can be void.


Spare keys

Over half of people in the UK give out a spare key when they move house or get their locks changed. That means your new home is more than half as likely to have a spare key out there, that’s not to mention all the lost keys too that could leave your new home vulnerable.

You should never under any circumstances hide a spare key under your door mat, in a plant pot or anywhere else outside your home for that matter. If you can think of a ‘great’ hiding place for a spare key so can a burglar. Remember if a burglar enters your home with a key then your insurance claim will be void.


Benefits of changing your locks

Other than changing your locks for security it is also recommended that you change your locks so that you have access to all the doors and windows in your home in the event you would need to escape from your home in an emergency. A thumb turn lock may be recommended as a means to create a ‘quick escape’ exit, these locks operate without a key internally and lock and unlock by turning the knob. These locks are great in an emergency such as a fire in the home as there is no need to panic to find keys to escape. However, these locks aren’t suited near any windows as they pose a threat of a burglar gaining entry.

What is the best lock?

The best locks are those that conform to British Standards. You can tell if your lock meets British Standards by identifying the BSI logo engraved onto the lock which looks like a heart with an ‘S’ in the middle or by identifying the engraved number BS3621.

To upgrade your locks further it is worth investing in high security locks such as an anti-snap cylinder. These locks have a purpose built ‘snap’ line which will break if burglar techniques are attempted. This anti-snap line prevents the internal mechanisms from being exposed so the burglar cannot access your home through the lock. You will still have to replace your lock should it snap but it will save your home from being burgled.


How much is it to change the locks?

Prices for a Locksmith vary widely on the service you require. Check out our Locksmith Prices page here to gauge an estimate of what you can expect to pay!


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